Land In Sight

At The Dawn

AT THE DAWN is another promising Power/Prog Metal band from Imola, Italy; another fierce pretender […]
By Yngwieviking
April 1, 2015
At The Dawn - Land In Sight album cover

AT THE DAWN is another promising Power/Prog Metal band from Imola, Italy; another fierce pretender to the mighty throne, a band who's works unrelenting to reaching the highest rank of the noblesse title, almost ready to steal the crown of the divided RHAPSODY's kingdom, a serious contender if you ask me...The group display a very rare elegance in their Melodic plan and some very subtle arrangements; my aim wasn't to make a sound comparison with RHAPSODY OF FIRE, as their identity is clearly different, more but to celebrate AT THE DAWN qualities, standing at the head of the talented frontrunners...The real problem is that a lot of those other bands are quite experienced and blessed with many skills too !

ETHERNA, TEMPERANCE, WIND ROSE, NOVERIA,E ARTHCRY or HELL CIRCLES are names recommended among the future giants! The famous, yet overcrowded Italian Power Metal scene, is full of amazing acts that provide regularly some great albums. This is the most difficult task for AT THE DAWN; staying with the pinnacle in sight, keeping the competition in running with some high profile bands and still defending their own creative vision...An ultra dramatic nature, a keyboards driven Melodic Metal with some Prog characteristics like in the excellent "Tiger Within"!

Freshly signed by the renowned Bakerteam Records, right after the success of the debut "From Dawn To Dusk", AT THE DAWN will release their new album on April 14th. It was recorded at Studio Domination under the supervision by the new Italian guru of Prog Metal and fantastic guitar player Simone Mularoni (DGM), which also appears as a guest on the title song "Land In Sight", another guest is Letizia Chiozzi (SYNFUL IRA) on the songs "Siren Call" and "Rosamund's Suite" (composed by the songs "Overture", "The Offense" and "The Revenge" as a thematically oriented triptych).

In this long and well known Italian tradition, often uplifted with Symphonic appoggiatura elements and full of epic breath, AT THE DAWN brings his classic Heavy Metal touch as a key element "A Crow With No Wings"...A proud attitude and their best asset!

Some neo-classical colors are detected in the first song "Through A Darkened Sky" with also some Nordic harmonies that recalls early SONATA ARCTICA! Of course, this kind of music is not really original or not extraordinary anymore, but their harmonic ways are quite new, they proceed in a refreshing mode, the compositions are well designed and well played.

And they do climb to the top with various orchestrations and they succeed with some suprises in the diversity of the insrumentations/textures and perceptions, without falling in the trap of the synthetic overdose or the Bombastic debauchery.

The cover of IRON MAIDEN's "Revelations" out from the mighty "Piece Of Mind" is a dangerous challenge, as its historically regarded as, an early landmark song and a masterpiece in the Progressive Heavy Metal genre, an originator moment, an inventive piece of a style unto his stammering state...A double edged sword, finally in perfect coherence with the style of AT THE DAWN, it's a fine process to close this very enjoyable journey to discover a virgin territory..."Land in sight!<

7 / 10


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"Land In Sight" Track-listing:

1. Through a Darkened Sky
2. Land in Sight
3. Siren Call
4. The Deserter
5. Overture
6. The Offense
7. The Revenge
8. The Day When Heroes Die
9. Tiger Within
10. Ladyhawke
11. A Crow With No Wings
12. Revelations

At The Dawn Lineup:

Stefano De Marco - Lead Vocals
Michele Viaggi - Lead Guitar
Michele Vinci - Rhythm Guitar
Vittorio Zappone - Bass
Mattia Ughi - Drums
Marco Iaffaldano - Keyboards

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