Forsake Beyond the Dusk

Asymmetry of Ego

ASYMMETRY OF EGO is an Alternative Rock/Metal band based out of Italy. I don't really […]
April 15, 2019
Asymmetry of Ego - Forsake Beyond the Dusk album cover

ASYMMETRY OF EGO is an Alternative Rock/Metal band based out of Italy. I don't really know much about the band, as their Facebook page leaves a lot to be desired, and their webpage link does not work. Formed in 2015, I am assuming "Forsake Beyond the Dusk" was released in early 2019, as they have been releasing videos for the new album since late 2018. The album contains ten new tracks.

"Freedom from Convenience" is a brief, opening instrumental track...setting the mood. It's just over one minute of building noise, without anything really taking any shape, except for a few clean guitar notes. "Erase Myself" is the first proper track. A heavy riff is met with swirling keyboard effects and an uneasy feeling. The vocals are soft at first, and it definitely feels like Alternative music, straddling the line between Rock and Metal, but retains a heavy edge. "The Sound of Brightness" opens with a heavy riff and drumming but settles into a light mid-tempo piece with just a bit of keyboard presence. The chorus is rich and full, with a Djenty guitar mixed in.

"The Monster" opens with light piano notes and softly begins to build. The sound is mysterious, almost Proggy. Then it unleashes with heavy guitar accents and this sound like Metal to me. I like how they keep the piano notes mixed in with the guitar. "Deep from the Underground" opens with clean guitar notes and some more of that suspenseful melancholy. The chorus is well played out, with thick guitar and it brings the verses to culmination. There has to be a good story behind "I Don't Know (Charlie Says Fuck)." The verses are light, and they turn it up in the chorus. Here you can feel some of the Alternative sound taking hold. It's not bad, however. They do a nice job in the mix and everything can he heard clearly. "One Word" opens cautiously, with eerie guitar parts that lead to a bright heavy guitar riff complete with keys. The sound is somewhat positive, but melancholy in the verses. But they slam it in the chorus again.

"Fake Lies" is another that has an easy entrance and I am noticing a pattern here. It hangs for a while before dropping the main sound, which has heavy guitar accents. "The Ant Heap Awakens" is the final track with vocals before the short "Outro - Torn Apart." The song has a similar pattern to earlier tracks, and they seem unwilling to stretch out a bit and explore other elements. "Outro - Torn Apart" is a one-and-a-half minute closing song. Like the opener, it barely has any presence, quietly waxing then waning. Overall, it wasn't a bad listen. They seem to be a talented band with a flair for a big chorus and some drama that they present pretty well. The singer has a nice voice as well. The main problem is that they use the same formula in each song, and it gets a bit repetitive. If they can find a way to branch out some, it would do them well, but it's a good album overall.

7 / 10









"Forsake Beyond the Dusk" Track-listing:

1. Freedom for Convenience
2. Erase Myself
3. The Sound of Brightness
4. The Monster
5. Deep from the Underground
6. I Don't Know (Charlie Says Fuck)
7. One World
8. Fake Lies
9. The Ant Heap Awakens
10. Outro - Torn Apart

Asymmetry of Ego Lineup:

Simone Carbone - Vocals/Guitars
Paolo Valanzola - Guitars
Marco Fuliano - Drums
Davide "MEDI" Medicina - Bass
Stefano Bergamaschi - Synth/Guitars/Backing Vocals

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