Spirited Away

Asylum Pyre

ASYLUM PYRE is a French band that started their activities in 2003 playing a competent […]
By Samantha "Samii" Mittelstaedt
January 10, 2016
Asylum Pyre - Spirited Away album cover

ASYLUM PYRE is a French band that started their activities in 2003 playing a competent and technical Power/Prog Metal with some influences in Symphonic Metal. Why Symphonic? Because the basic structure in the line-up - Female Vocals, Guitar player sometimes with the harsh vocals and keyboards with orchestral lines, is there. But if you listen to the songs, you can confer it's different than what Symphonic Metal makes actually. And in "Spirited Away", the third full-length by ASYLUM PYRE, shows more than ever that they'll conquer their place in the Metal scene.

The artwork is impressionist and with a good taste and it's simply beautiful. The artist that makes it is an incredible professional.

The line-up, without a bassist, makes an excellent work and shows that they are to mark their names between the best. With the differential in the band - they make a modern Power with break tempos, incredible solos, like in Progressive with Symphonic elements like the female duet with the harsh vocals by Chaos Heidi and Johann Cadot and the orchestral lines in keyboards masterfully by Armendar.

You can confer several types of songs like Pop - "Unplug My Brain", incredible instrumentals like in the short "In Hayao's Arms", and almost null "Remembering". And other songs that blow your mind like "The Silence of Dreams", even with an unnecessary harsh vocal by Cardot, "Only Your Soul" - both with incredible guitar riffs and solos and keyboards lines, and the Progressive "At My Door" and "Shivers", the Gothic/Symphonic "Spirited Away" and "Instants in Time", the commercial "Second Shadow" that could easily be played on radios. The melancholic, "The White Room" and "Fly" is there too and the angry Death Metal that kicks your ass like in "Soulburst".

As you can confer, they're making varied album pleasing several styles and catches you from the first track. Like I did, support the band and order "Spirited Away".<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Spirited Away" Track-listing:

1. Second Shadow
2. The Silence of Dreams
3. Only Your Soul
4. Unplug My Brain
5. In Hayao's Arms
6. Spirited Away
7. The White Room
8. Soulburst
9. At My Door
10. Shivers
11. Instants in Time
12. Remembering
13. Fly

Asylum Pyre Lineup:

Chaos Heidi - Vocals
Johann Cadot - Guitars, Vocals
Vince Kreyder - Drums
Armendar - Keyboards

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