Natural Instinct?

Asylum Pyre

I wish ASYLUM PYRE had a chance to read this review because I want to […]
By Dimitris Karametros
February 4, 2010
Asylum Pyre - Natural Instinct? album cover

I wish ASYLUM PYRE had a chance to read this review because I want to say certain things to them, the ones I will share with you. Before I sit down and review a band and after I heard the album a couple of times I do a meticulous homework, I browse them through the Net, everything I can find, reviews, history anything. I did the same with ASYLUM PYRE; many were in French as the band is French, but hopefully French is one of the many languages I know well.

So...dear ASYLUM PYRE, do not rest on the epic reviews you have received about "Natural Instinct?", there is a far greater road before you and there are bands also before you that cannot be passed with only beautiful vocals, experimentation in the sound and social oriented lyrics. True, your lyrics are amazing and show much care, especially about nature and people, true Carole must be the best female singer no one has ever heard or saw? But true...BUT...SIRENIA, KRYPTERIA, WITHIN TEMPTATION, ELIS, NIGHTWISH, EPICA, MIDNATTSOL...shall I go one? Shall I do a cross-genre reference? No I think all who read this will get what I want to say, and the above bands are still active, there are also the inactive bands that have left their mark.

"Natural Instinct?" will please all those who are fans of progressive/symphonic Metal totally. As I wrote above Carole must be one of the best voices I heard in a long time and her vocal range is also great, a very fitting voice to the whole musical play style of the band. She can take you with her voice and travel you through the small truths that the lyrics speak of.

The rest of the musicians form a well bound band that knows how to transform feelings into music in such a way that some songs travel the listener to magical places. The progressive part is that there are undertones of world/ethnic music inside their playing style, a chance taken that proved them correct.

If there were just three bands with female symphonic vocals ASYLUM PYRE would be amongst them. Now, they must treat carefully because the female vocals in Metal are a sack of wind ready to open, and take everything with it. Over used, over saturated and many times with a bad taste.

ASYLUM PYRE is a band that has all the abilities to survive, but many times a band had a great start and now nobody remembers them.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Natural Instinct?" Track-listing:
  1. Track List
  2. Taken Away To The Asylum
  3. The Asylum Pyre
  4. Laughing With The Stars
  5. Coral's Hill (Now Hell)
  6. Love Ecstasy
  7. Different Sides, Same Thoughts
  8. Jester Of The Power
  9. Whisper Of The Jester
  10. W.W.A.W.
Asylum Pyre Lineup:

Carole Alcantara - Vocals
Lohann Cadot - Vocals, Guitars
Herve Schiltz - Guitars
Tony Decaillon - Keyboards
Julien Peuch - Bass
Emeric Arnaudeau - Drums

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