Call Me Inhuman

Asylum Pyre

ASYLUM PYRE is a French quintet who have decided to tackle environmental issues using their […]
By Kevin Lewis
April 16, 2023
Asylum Pyre - Call Me Inhuman album cover

ASYLUM PYRE is a French quintet who have decided to tackle environmental issues using their music to accentuate their voice. The new album is a continuation of the concept they've covered for five albums now. They combine Power and Symphonic Metal to build a sonic world, creating a space for the lyrics to live and breathe. Call Me Inhuman is their fifth full-length album since 2009, released on March 24, 2023, via Ellie Productions. The album opens with "Virtual Guns," a track that has something that sounds like an old animal horn used to summon the hordes and some tribal chanting. That tribal feel continues through the intro into the main body of the song. The guitars are heavy, dropping intermittently to highlight their power and tone. The rhythm is variable, shifting from bombastic to subdued, allowing for layers of other music that range from folk to tribal to militaristic marching patterns.

Next, "Fighters" has a synth intro that feels more Industrial/Electronic than anything else. This gives way to more heavy rhythms and intricate guitar work and tantalizing melodies before another drop takes it in a different direction. ASYLUM PYRE is masterful at changing tempos, adding a lot of Progressive Metal elements to their repertoire whenever they deem it necessary. As the album continues, you get a wide variety of blended genres and styles that have a cinematic texture to them, giving the listener the ability to close their eyes and visualize what they are hearing. Each song is a scene to be staged, each with a new and exciting element to it. "The True Crown" has Spanish flamenco guitar work before the heavy electric guitars crash in and "Happy Deathday" opens with acapella vocals, goes massive guitar riff, then settles into a Ska phrasing prior to the next section.

"A Teacher, A Scientist, And A Diplomat" has a Pop/Electronica feel at the start, again showing this is a band that can do anything they desire musically. There is also an underlying theme to having this much added into the compositions, no one genre (person) can fix the issues we are facing with the climate crisis, it will take all styles (nations) to address this. "Call Me inhuman" is a solemn tune, one that feels a bit despairing, like we may be past the point of no return. The instrumentation is stunning, gentle keys, bagpipes, piano, muted drums, it's all beautifully woven together. The vocals are quiet, hinting at a moment of reflection.

ASYLUM PYRE are passionate about what they think is happening in the world and have put those words to music to give it a bigger impact. While I could try to address what they are thinking here, it would be better for me to go back and dig into their previous works so I don't miss any key points. The climate crisis is global, so having them write an album that uses many elements of World Music is a brilliant touch. I have some catching up to do.

10 / 10









"Call Me Inhuman" Track-listing:

1. Virtual Guns
2. Fighters
3. The True Crown (I Seek Yor War)
4. Happy Deathday
5. There, I Could Die
6. Sand Paths
7. The Nowhere Dance
8. A Teacher, A Scientist & A Diplomat
9. Underneath Heartskin
10. The Mad Fiddler
11. Joy
12. Call Me Inhuman

Asylum Pyre Lineup:

Ombeline Duprat - Vocals
Fabien Mira - Bass
Thomas Calegari - Drums
Johann Cadot - Guitar/Composer/Vocals
Pierre-Emmanuel Pelisson - Guitar

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