Closing The Circle


Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to give you an insight; this time, hailing from […]
By Craig "Thrashing" Rider
August 16, 2016
Assignment - Closing The Circle album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to give you an insight; this time, hailing from the glory of Germany: ASSIGNMENT, signed via Massacre Records on their Progressive Power Metal album entitled: "Closing The Circle".

My assignment on ASSIGNMENT (sorry, couldn't resist) will be unprejudiced by my own thoughts, opinions and feelings as with an open mind, it's best to go in alone with all intentional bias. "Closing The Circle" is my next entry, and with my input waiting to be bestowed upon...suffice to say that for a Progressive Metal quintet; I was very surprised with what I had in store. Prog is one of those genres that have grown on me throughout my time as a journalist either that, or the other bands just weren't my thing... However, this here quartet combine the construct of Power Metal into the Progressive formula; utilizing each substance into a consistent work of art. And by golly do they work well! You have to be a well talented individual to execute such a feat. With a band of this magnitude featuring a multitude of members, I'm assuming here that I'm dealing with a band that premises their slogan: music without boundaries.

An abundance of guest vocalists; the main attraction is Diego Valdez who almost sounds like an independent form of the great Ronnie James Dio (Rest In Peace) as a blatant but major influence on his style. The essence of this notion is strong throughout the album. Goran Panic on the guitars distinguishes enjoyable riffery that pummels with power and medley. Transforming Power Metal into the Progressive side is an occurrence that is obscure but intriguingly brilliant - ASSIGNMENT know how to make Prog sound transparent in their combinations; citing the compelled consumer that this is actually least I thought that anyway... Gert Sprick adds enjoyable atmospheric value on the keys; while the destructive powerhouse of Heiko Spaarmann on bass, and the pummeling force of Sven Pollkötter on drums, exquisitely combine their instrumental musicianship into one dynamic enterprise... "Closing The Circle".

9 complex tracks - lasting just over an hour long practically beg to be admired... "Evolution", the titular track: "Closing The Circle" and "Presence Of Death" open up the album with an indifference of differentiates. Including a blues edge with the keys implemented...the sensual form of Ronnie James Dio's influential voice coming right off the earphones is evidently ardent; consistently built in with blazing riffs that represent an ambitious sort of enthusiastic approach. Though ASSIGNMENT infuse Prog into their traditional side of Power Metal; I feel their earlier influence of Death/Thrash Metal are more abound here..."Genetic Slavery", "Crimson Poison" and "Chemical Healing" also enthrall with a blend of rhythmic vocals and epic instrumentals that have grand results of dignified musicianship. While I can't see much Prog in the form of MASTODON, I definitely feel an evolution in their fabrication.

Closing "Closing The Circle" with "Variaxis" introduces a guest feminine on vocals who duets with Diego in stunning fashion; fulfilling an enlightening sense of enjoyment that's worth noting. Showcasing unprecedented progression that digs with an extraordinary perception; "Taste For Sin" & the 10+minute execution of "Entering The Universe" end this record as if that hour was one of the premier moments of your life.

This is an album with scrupulous results that potentially had Progressive elements with symphonic attributes, but citing this will compel me to conclude that "Closing The Circle" is traditionally a Power Metal band fused with their earlier settlements of Death 'n' Thrash Metal, nevertheless...those genres are old-ASSIGNMENT. ...I don't know, Progressive Metal is one of those crazy genres to me. In conclusion, I found this an utmost qualified record for your collection... Buy it now.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Closing The Circle" Track-listing:

1. Evolution
2. Closing The Circle
3. Presence Of Death
4. Genetic Slavery
5. Crimson Poison
6. Chemical Healing
7. Variaxis
8. Taste For Sin
9. Entering The Universe

Assignment Lineup:

Goran Panic - Guitars
Gert Sprick - Keyboards
Heiko Spaarmann - Bass
Sven Pollkötter - Drums
Diego Valdez - Vocals

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