As far everything that has been going on, humanity received a supposed signal to what […]
December 6, 2020
Asphyx - Necroceros album cover

As far everything that has been going on, humanity received a supposed signal to what is going to come next, sometime, somewhere in the future. There have been enough artists, through various of measures, that shows that our fate isn't going to be bright, but rather dark and challenging. Some even state that there would be no comeback from such events of high magnitude.

The veteran match makers between Death and Doom Metal, the Dutch ASPHYX, aren't the first, no will be the last, to try to keep our minds in check, tell us what we did wrong and through brutality, show us where we need to go in order to not step on yet another landmine on our way towards the pit. As result of the inability to play live, came forth the hard work that ended up in their new album, "Necroceros", via Century Media Records, another shared token of their meaning of Death.

For me personally, ever since the Dutch comeback near the end of the first decade of 00s, is their 2012's "Deathhammer", clearly a trailblazer of all counts. The band has been taking its time between releases, and got themselves another scorcher in the image of "Incoming Death". Nonetheless, I felt that it was only a matter of time until a stronger impact would raise the standard bar a notch higher and I do believe that "Necroceros" idyllically serves that purpose.

Whether the solid lineup, and its chemistry, that led to this great burst of massive riffery, various music orientations lying between the putrid marriage of Death and Doom Metal, and the constant drive, even in mournful slow tempos, ASPHYX brought themselves the gold. Even as a veteran band as they are, there is that feeling of something to prove, to become tighter, heavier, I would also argue on melodic in a special kind of way.

It is true that no matter what, and is showed on their previous albums, there is that head on attitude, that is a grand stand shower of meaty riffs, thanks to Paul Baayens, alongside the hoarse, soaring growls of Martin van Drunen. Leading the charge on that front is the chunky grinder "Botox Implosion", which offer a wonderful opportunity to bang one's head mercilessly. Other definitive that maintain the form of attack is "The Sole Cure is Death" and its deeper successor, "Molten Black Earth".

On the other hand, there is yet another approach, a Doomier kind, that presented itself as somewhat uncanny, distinct as showcased on sorrowful "Three Years of Famine". This song shares an atmosphere of grey, enchanted by mournful melodies, displaying a side of the band that might remind of their earlier days prior to the hiatus. "In Blazing Oceans" picks up the tempo and escalates, inspiring elements of Melodic Death Metal to the band's mix of gruesome sound, making it appealing right from the get go.

Generally, ASPHYX maintained their class, as they have been previously, nevertheless, "Necroceros", both through its songwriting and sound, felt to me like a step up the ladder, and a bright future, at least in the music, for the Dutch band.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Necroceros" Track-listing:

1. The Sole Cure is Death
2. Molten Black Earth
3. Mount Skull
4. Knights Templar Stand
5. Three Years of Famine
6. Botox Implosion
7. In Blazing Oceans
8. The Nameless Elite
9. Yield or Die
10. Necroceros

Asphyx Lineup:

Stefan "Husky" Hüskens - Drums
Paul Baayens - Guitars
Alwin Zuur - Bass
Martin van Drunen - Vocals

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