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Last year the Death Metal scene started trembling when the Dutch butchers ASPHYX returned after […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
September 26, 2010
Asphyx - Live Death Doom album cover

Last year the Death Metal scene started trembling when the Dutch butchers ASPHYX returned after 9 years of absence with their "Death... The Brutal Way" album and started sharpening their axes once again. The band started touring and a year later, after gathering the most intense live videos, ASPHYX release their first ever DVD (also available in 2CD and 2CD+DVD format)! Let's take a look inside this rather tempting package...

This DVD contains the band's show in Essen, Germany, the 4th of July, 2009. ASPHYX decided to play an incredible setlist including a wide range of songs from their discography, and deliver a more than one hour and a half show for the hungry for Death Metal German audience. With a sound raw and heavy as fuck (just like it should be), the Dutch quartet offer a lesson in pure, unadulterated Death Metal with guitars that sound like war machines, a drummer that never ceases fire and Martin Van Drunen's own bestial screams! I don't think that ASPHYX's skills need any comments from me, since they have proven through the years that they are a classic band, despite the fact that they never got the recognition they were worth. Regarding the DVD itself, you get some damn fine professional work ladies & gents! What you get here is really good video and audio quality. Especially the sound has this raw, live feeling, which almost makes you believe you are in Turock club!

A great live show, but is this all you get? Hell no! "Hordes Of Disgust", a documentary with the band talking about its history is surely going to sit your ass down with some interesting facts around every album and line up change. If only the ASPHYX guys could make it a bit more interesting, since they talk like they are kind of bored, hehehe. Oh, there's more to come! Live performances of the band at Hammer Of Doom and With Full Force festivals, bootlegs from Germany and USA shows (this is the real deal fuckerz) and the video clip for "Death The Brutal Way" from the band's latest album. Pretty delicious, huh?

I guess if you are a fan of ASPHYX you don't need me to tell you what to do. If you are a Death Metal fan and you are not aware of ASHPYX then you really need my advice to move your asses and get this DVD. Brutal visual orgasms guaranteed! And in case you are thinking of the differences between the various versions of this release, let me tell you that the DVD has all those bonus goodies, while the CD version contains an extra track, "Diabolical Existence".

Note: Respect to Martin Van Drunen for wearing a SUICIDAL ANGELS T-shirt!

8 / 10


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"Live Death Doom" Track-listing:

Live In Essen, Germany:

  1. Intro/The Quest For Absurdity
  2. Vermin
  3. Scorbutics
  4. MS Bismarck
  5. Bloodswamp
  6. Death The Brutal Way
  7. The Sickening Dwell
  8. Asphyx II (They Died As They Marched)
  9. Abomination Echoes
  10. Eisenbahnmorser
  11. The Krusher
  12. Riflegun Redeemer
  13. Asphyx (Forgotten War)
  14. Wasteland Of Terror
  15. The Rack
  16. Cape Horn
  17. Last One On Earth
  18. Rite Of Shades
  19. Pages In Blood

Bonus Live Material:

- Hammer Of Doom Festival (2010):

  1. Ode To A Nameless Grave
  2. Incarnation Of Lust
  3. Black Hole Storm

- With Full Force Festival (2009):

  1. Scorbutics

- Bootlegs
- Death The Brutal Way (Promo Video)
- Hordes Of Disgust (Documentary)

Asphyx Lineup:

Martin Van Drunen - Vocals
Paul Baayens - Guitar
Alwin Zuur - Bass
Bob Bagchus - Drums

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