After their previous tree first releases the Austrian quintet of Asphagor released in March of […]
By Bruno Diniz
April 9, 2023
Asphagor - Pyrogenesis album cover

After their previous tree first releases the Austrian quintet of Asphagor released in March of this year their 4th studio album entitled "Pyrogenesis", which follows "The Cleansing" launched back in 2018. The band started their activities back in 2007 is making 15 years now. The new work has its roots at a melodic Black Metal with death influences, counting on eleven tracks and almost an hour of play, it stands out on mastering and mixing making everything as it should be, and about the album cover, it is not great, but not bad also, just a long walk thru the gates of hell.

"Ex Cathedra" pull the chains out being a long intro, it is more an ambient track, with few accelerations that occur only when it is ending, setting the stage for "Nine Moons" which begins at the same way Ex finishes, screams of despair, soon we notice the traditional notes and beats of the genre, evolving to some darker and then melodic, for a short period there is a passage with the bass in highlight that is absolutely my thing. "Matricide" is one of my favorite's songs of songs on the album, although it has a more repetitive rhythm, and marked it has a strong and pleasant symphony, carries emotion in its notes, and at some point, reminded me quite a bit of the good old TYPE O NEGATIVE in a narrative.

Eating brutality from the beginning "The Great Erosion" keeps things always banging, even when we think things will slow down, it returns even more aggressive, all the darkness combo u expected u will find here for sure. What i liked most on the song which brings the album name, "Pyrogenesis" unleashing the final chain reaction was the lyrics, and the tempo changes, during its six-minute duration the quality and wit remains at a high level without leaving anything for a second. "Ghost of Aphelion" ends the work and all their narrative about the album theme, the closure of the saga, in a perfect way, not only on music that is also pretty good, but on the adventure we had thru, and for that I highly recommend you check on that.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Pyrogenesis" Track-listing:

1. Ex Cathedra
2. Nine Moons
3. The Mizaru Doctrine
4. Matricide
5. The Great Erosion
6. Scales Of Retribution
7. Pyrogenesis
8. Summoning
9. Pavor Nocturnus
10. The Architect
11. Ghost Of Aphelion

Asphagor Lineup:

Morgoth - Vocals
M.E. Sargoth - Drums
Hybreos - Guitars, Synth,FX
M.Zanesco - Guitars
P.P.Lps - Bass Guitar

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