World Shaker


Since they arrived on the scene in 2009, it's been difficult to talk about ASOMVEL […]
By Sean McGuirk
June 5, 2019
Asomvel - World Shaker album cover

Since they arrived on the scene in 2009, it's been difficult to talk about ASOMVEL without mentioning fellow UK Rock N' Roll psychos MOTÖRHEAD. Singer / bassist Ralph seems to be in permanent Heavy Metal cosplay mode, looking and sounding like the legendary, and also mononymously known, Lemmy Kilmister. It sets up quite the uphill battle if looking to set themselves apart in the crowded global metal scene, but given the 11 fun-loving tracks of Rock N' Roll on their third full-length, "World Shaker", I'm not quite sure that is their aim.

Songs like the title track and single "World Shaker" and "True Believer" are quality melodic Heavy Rock tunes, indeed feeling as if culled from some latter era MOTÖRHEAD records. It's certainly a Metal record, with "Running The Gauntlet" and "Every Dog Has Its Day" making up some of the speedier and heaviest tracks on the album. The songwriting is tight with a focus on catchy and digestibility. Songs rarely go over three and a half minutes and you'll find yourself singing along to most by the end of the first chorus. "Railroaded" and "The Nightmare Ain't Over" were particular earworms for me.

The production has a sterile feel that betrays the grit and "fuck it, let's do it live" attitude of the band they are emulating, but this is 2019 and not 1980, so it's about par for the course. Ralph's bass playing is, appropriately, front-and-center with a fat distorted tone that leads the sonic charge on most tracks. I'd love to see a double bill with Sweden's DEVIL'S GUN, who do a mean ACCEPT / UDO impression with similarly crisp production and songwriting.

Bottom line, if you dig bluesy proto-Metal bands like MOTÖRHEAD, AC/DC or ROSE TATTOO and don't tend to call bands "posers" you will probably really enjoy this disc, as I did. It might not challenge you or even stick with you for longer than it takes to finish off a Marlboro Light or pint of Boddington's, but it's hard to deny the spirit and aim of these young dudes with a mission to keep Heavy Metal's past alive and have some fun in the process. 

7 / 10









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"World Shaker" Track-listing:

1. World Shaker
2. True Believer
3. Payback's A Bitch
4. Runnin' The Gauntlet
5. Reap The Whirlwind
6. The Law Is The Law
7. Steamroller
8. Every Dog Has Its Day
9. Railroaded
10. Smokescreen
11. The Nightmare Ain't Over

Asomvel Lineup:

Ralph - Bass/Vocals
Lenny Robinson - Guitar
Jani Pasanen - Drums

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