Ashes Reborn

Formed in 2007, Portuguese Thrash/Death Metal band has released their newest album "Contamination". Now I […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
January 6, 2019
Ashes Reborn - Contamination album cover

Formed in 2007, Portuguese Thrash/Death Metal band has released their newest album "Contamination". Now I am usually not the biggest fan of Thrash mixed with Death Metal, I usually roll my eyes at such an odd concept, but ASHES REBORN are a different story. The riffs that Joao Filipe play are pretty fucking sick! And their drummer Ze Carlos is a beast as is the vocalist and guitarist Alfredo! The first track "Sound the Alarm" really got me in the mood to just sit and bang my head. It starts out with a very creepy alarm sound and kicks into high gear almost immediately. This track is very catchy and is a badass way to start an album.

Track two "We Are The Plague" just keeps it coming at you like a metal hurricane. The shredding in this track is sick. And the solo is incredible and helps ease the intensity into a beautiful melody. This song honestly sounds like a roaring train and it's final destination is to blow up your ear drums. And one of my favorite things about it is the fact it has a breakdown. Just something to get the blood pumping even more. That brings us to the third track called "A Needed Revolution". This one begins and all hell breaks loose. This song is a metal head dream, there are chugs, ripping riffs and fantastic gutterals. It is absolutely phenomenal, this song alone gets a 10/10 from me.

"Policy of Fear" is this albums battle song. It's a lot darker than the previous songs but keeps the energy flowing. To me it even has a slight Doom feeling to it and it may just be my favorite track. And the solo is fantastic! Up next we have "Path to Self Destruction". It begins with an eerie whispering that fades into a blast to the face of some very heavy metal. This song exudes sheer brutality. It's non stop brilliantly played metal. I will be adding this one to my playlist for sure for my future listening pleasure.

Another song that really stood out to me was the last song on the album "Not Machines". This song really showed the mix of Thrash and Death Metal very well. Also I really think the vocals were excellent. This is one song you can do the hair windmill to. A very fun and angry song to end this awesome album. I really enjoyed every song on "Contamination" and I think you will as well.

7 / 10









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"Contamination" Track-listing:

1. Sound The Alarm
2. We Are The Plague
3. A Needed Revolution
4. Policy of Fear
5. Path to Self Destruction
6. W.A.R (We Are Revoluted)
7. Insane
8. Contamination
9. Not Machines

Ashes Reborn Lineup:

Ze Carlos - Drums
Joao Filipe - Guitars
Alfredo - Guitars/Vocals

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