Throne of Iniquity

Ashes of Ares

Coming from the USA we have power metal band ASHES OF ARES with their new […]
By John Foley
January 28, 2021
Ashes of Ares - Throne of Iniquity album cover

Coming from the USA we have power metal band ASHES OF ARES with their new E.P entitled Throne of Iniquity which was released in December 2020. The band was founded back in 2012 by Matt Barlow and Freddie Vidales who were both members of ICED EARTH. With this release they are joined by Kyle Taylor and Ray Hunter of the band BRISTION'S WAKE to help fill out the line up. We kick things off with the title track "Throne of Iniquity". This one opens with a thunderous rumbling of the bass opening things up with some great drumming thrown in. This really draws you in as some killer guitar riffing starts and then we get the vocals coming in to command the song. This track is a real head banger of a tune and the band are sounding on fire here. We get a cool guitar part for the breakdown as we hear a choir subtly in the back ground which adds to the intensity of the song. This then leads to a ripping guitar solo as the song comes to an end with some pounding drumming.

Next up we have the first cover to appear here which is "25 Or 6 To 4" which was originally done by the band CHICAGO. That same bass line opens which keeps the same feel as the original. The guitars play that sax line from the original and use it as a melody to really carry the song. This one is a lot more lively and more rocking then the original and the vocals really adds their own twist on it. Lastly we come to their KANSAS cover which is of "Dust in the Wind". Here they kept the same beautiful acoustic melody but added whistles to it which makes for a nice feel to it. The vocals on this track really work with the music going on around them. Then the rest of the band come in and they really bring the heavy here which isn't in the original. They turn it into a real metal ballad and with a great guitar solo to match it really works for them. Really liked this version of the song.

Coming from a band like ICED EARTH I had very high hopes from ASHES OF ARES and with Throne of Iniquity they did not disappoint. This was a great little collection of songs. The opening track was a great song and a real mosh pit starter and two great covers with the band putting their own style and twist to them. Really enjoyed this one.

8 / 10









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"Throne of Iniquity" Track-listing:

1. Throne of Iniquity
2. 25 Or 6 To 4 (Chicago Cover)
3. Dust in the Wind (Kansas Cover)

Ashes of Ares Lineup:

Matt Barlow - Vocals
Freddie Vidales - Guitar and Bass
Kyle Taylor - Drums
Ray Hunter - Acoustic Guitar on Dust in the Wind (Kansas Cover)

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