Into Oblivion

As Within, So Without

New York Metalcore band AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT have released their latest work "Into Oblivion". […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
April 13, 2019
As Within

New York Metalcore band AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT have released their latest work "Into Oblivion". The nine track album is full of heavy guitar riffs from members Matt Tzovolos, Michael Fiorino and bassist as well as backing vocalist Mathew Lustosa. The vocals on the album are immaculate and the drumming is superb. "Into Oblivion" will have you feeling everything from happiness to sheer anger. The band honestly has their own unique take on the Metalcore genre and I find it very refreshing.

The first song up is "Departure" which is a great start for the album. It introduces you to the style that they play and it has hints of "Math-metal" in it. The way they they composed this track is absolutely amazing. The second song up is the song called "Alone". This song shows their diversity and I thought it was completely amazing. The blend of aggression and melody is wonderful. "A Disease Called Man" is one of my favorite songs on the album. It feels like a throwback to early 2000's Hardcore that got blended with Death Metal. Picture BLEEDING THROUGH meets GLASSJAW. This song tears it the fuck up.

"Sleepy Hollow" is another one of my favorites because of how brutal it is and then it just goes into melodic parts. The drumming on this track is fantastic as well as the guitars. The breakdown is fucking great. If I had to be one hundred percent honest I would say it's tied for my favorite on the album. "Anchor" is a little slower paced but is still in your face with how metal it is. I really enjoyed this song and think a lot of you will too. "The Torch" is a really well written instrumental and I think it helps the album out a whole lot. It has an epic feel to it and it was very well placed on the album.

"What's Left of Me"  is the more melodic of the songs we have heard so far. I really appreciate this song because it's a nice little break from how intense the album has been so far. And that's when "Hate Me" comes on and completely brings it full circle to in your face unforgiving metal. This is the most aggressive song on the album this far. It definitely had me pumped and banging my head. The final song on the album is "What You Said" and it's a beast of a song. It is one of the more intricate songs and is absolutely one of the best songs. This is a prime example of how to end an album. All in all this album is really great and ill be playing it for some time to come. I suggest picking it up as soon as you can.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Into Oblivion" Track-listing:

1. Departure
2. Alone
3. A Disease Called Man
4. Sleepy Hollow
5. Anchor
6. The Torch
7. What's Left of Me
8. Hate Me
9. What You Said

As Within, So Without Lineup:

Mitchell Lustosa - Vocals
Matt Tzovolos - Guitar
Michael Fiorino - Guitar
Mathew Lustosa - Bass/Vocals
Lukas Vitullo - Drums

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