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As We Suffer

So we have a five piece metalcore band from the region of Ottawa in Canada […]
August 2, 2023
As We Suffer - The Fallen Pillars album cover

So we have a five piece metalcore band from the region of Ottawa in Canada and they have been together since the year of 2018 as they have been just building up a following in their native country, as they have done so. Their music on the other hand is very exciting and they can be seen a band taking influences from the likes metalcore, hardcore, punk and even death metal as well just to shake up their overall sound, as their inspirations are drawn from the likes of CANNIBAL CORPSE, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, TRIVIUM, PENNYWISE and MACHINE HEAD. So we now have a good idea as to what their sound is like and they are here to blow you away with their heavy hardcore killer guitar riffs combined with badass vocals that are just sublime in every way as well as ground-breaking drums that give you a shiver down your spine, but also serve such a fantastic foundation for their music and ways of songwriting.

The band are led by vocalist, MATTHEW CALDWELL, as well with two guitarists both very talented musicians as they are lead guitarist DERIK ROBIN accompanied by rhythm guitarist ROB BELL and we have bass guitarist RYAN CALDWELL as well drummer TIM JOHNSON. So we have the band lineup, it is safe to say the band have kept themselves busy in the past few years but they did release a single earlier this year which is now included on their debut album which I will be looking at now. Their debut album is titled THE FALLEN PILLARS is not to be underestimated now I can tell you that for sure, but let's go into the album now in under the microscope starting with the intro track which is "Caustic Paradigm" as we hear the heavy duty guitar riffs with that big fat bass tone as well which is so mesmerising indeed.

Drums come crashing in to cut through the mix with their hardcore skill and attitude as they are very much the building stones of what makes this band so fantastic, vocals are so edgy but also cunning in such a creative manner. The foot to the floor is stood on by drums and vocals especially as guitars fill in the mid range section of the audio spectrum, with bass guitar providing the tone. A repeat of the guitar riff with vocals and drums playing around the guitar riff, before a hardcore breakdown with charging drums. So into the next track which is "Malicious Compliance", as heavy guitars come crying in and drums wiping the slate clean as vocals go berserk but they certainly reach such great heights with screamer parts and cleaner vocal clips.

There is so much control and precision with this track, vocals do lead the way with such clarity and comprehension with their way of words. Drums even go to great lengths with solo sections and creating such mesmerising rhythms with complex patterns as well to suit the style of this band, vocals closes this track with drums bridging into the next track as guitar rings on. "Open Letter (To The Bleeding Hearts)" as we hear cleaner vocals with the heavy hard-hitting of drums to spread themselves all over the stereo image with guitars playing such melodic riffs with vibrato and harmonic tones as well. Another great track as instrumental sections are short but very effective and the very short pauses in between the sections are heard.

So we move on into the next track which is "Fucking Relentless" with a machine gun fire of snare hits then back we go into the midst of the metalcore madness that has been soldiering on with punches aiming high and low, as we are made vulnerable to the full force of what this band can throw at us. A shorter track than before so it goes by quicker than previous tracks, so we can go straight into "Invade The Host" as we hear drums crunching and biting through the audio spectrum as vocals are called into action as guitar has a short section to show it's inner soul with melodic riffs. The tempo picks up with more allegro and drums lead the way here as we are heading into the next track.

"Scatter The Head" as pulsating guitar starts this track as drums join in to support the onslaught and vocals are working well in amongst the group so all is well. Guitar once more shows their brighter and harmonic melody that blends well with all the other instruments, there isn't much else that is different so we can gradually move onto the next track which is "High Tide". The seventh track comes in with guitar based intro making small steps in adagio with cymbal hits as drums take a more rhythmic approach where the pace varies, to suit the guitars direction and pathway. Vocals are the constant reminder of how volatile and threatening this band can be as they want to pull you into their surrounding circle so that you will worship them in admiration.

There is a buildup in the form of a crescendo on drums and then back to the same old ways of this band's presence and determination to entertain the masses with their pure genius of metalcore insomnia. "The Great Leveler" as guitars and drums lead the way this time before vocals do come in after what is a slow guitar playing at first then cueing the other elements into the track. Vocals and guitars team up together to play their parts as one partnership with drums laying the building blocks for what is a rather more trimmed back track, more of the mellow flipside of this band's overall sound. But there is more harmony and melody for the rest of the track as guitars and vocals portray this very well, even another instrumental section comes with guitars ringing out with drums rising once more before the climatic point is reached.

"Shadows Castle In White" brings us back to the hardcore and punk style that the band also has hidden in certain tracks but it does play a bigger role in the album, more than the listener can perceive perhaps. Then a more prolonged and sustained guitar riff comes in for the drums to gradually pull back and set themselves in a more punchy but precise movement. The contrast and dynamics of those two sides of this track are very well produced and arranged too especially for the vocals as they differ from one section to next section. "Concrete Fist" has very enthusiastic guitar riffs, as rebellious vocals scream as loud as they have before and drums are just doing what they have done which is tearing through the track with rage and aggression.

The track itself is as tough and solid as nothing else could get through to disrupt the balance and pure fire that is lit up by this track. Now we head into the final track which is "The Fallen Pillars" the title track of the album also, which doesn't let the listener down at all and serves its purpose of delivering exactly what we want which is metalcore hysteria that knocks your socks off. Overall this has been a very impressive album, from the very start to the end, I have heard enough to know this band can deliver on their promises and they will have such a great time now looking to achieve greatness. They are certainly capable of it, but they do deserve all the support and followings they can get too, so check these Canadian rockers out if you love metalcore with all heart and soul, as you will enjoy them as much as I did.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"The Fallen Pillars" Track-listing:

1. Caustic Paradigm
2. Malicious Compliance
3. Open Letter (To The Bleeding Hearts)
4. Fucking Relentless
5. Invade The Host
6. Scatter The Head
7. High Tide
8. The Great Leveler
9. Shadows Castle In White
10. Concrete Fist
11. The Fallen Pillars

As We Suffer Lineup:

Matthew Caldwell - Vocals
Derik Robin - Lead Guitar
Rob Bell - Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Caldwell - Bass Guitar
Tim Johnson - Drums

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