For The Sake Of Mankind (Re-Issue)


ARTCH is a Metal/Power Metal band based out of Norway. After some critical acclaim on […]
October 16, 2015
Artch - For The Sake Of Mankind (Re-Issue) album cover

ARTCH is a Metal/Power Metal band based out of Norway. After some critical acclaim on their debut LP in 1988, they lost some steam from not being able to tour. Though they were happy with the material on this second album, it was release when the Grunge sound was gaining steam and so they never really had much of a chance, despite a five-album deal signed with Metal Blade Records.They broke in 1993 but had additional contact from the label in 1999 and are hopefully working on new material. This album contains 11 tracks, two bonus tracks, and two demo tracks.

The two demo tracks, "Dog On The Run" and "Sirens" are well composed for demos. Having previously reviewed their first full length album, I can also hear some growth though still maintaining their core sound.

Next I will run through some of the main tracks that I liked for this review. "Appologia" is an emotional but peaceful song where acoustic guitars and soaring vocals dominate the landscape. It's dark but hopeful at the same time, and the chorus is noteworthy. "To Whom It May Concern" is another moody sort of piece and these are the tracks that generally draw me in more. The pace is quickened and it's more of a statement song directed at anyone who gets in their way. "Confrontation" features some nice acoustic guitars and a soft, breezy melody aimed at help from someone on high. I really think a lot of the band's strength lies in these more pensive tracks where the vocals can be drawn out and the instrumentation follows a more melodic path. By contrast, "Turn The Tables" has a slower, harder and deeper sound, driven by a low, crunchy riff with bass holding down the bottom end. The lead guitar breaks are eerie and mysterious. "Batteries Not Included" is another powerful, more straightforward song with a swinging rhythm and a simple but pleasing riff that once again allows the vocals to breathe. The two bonus tracks are keepers for the album as well.

There were some really good moments on the album for sure. But overall, it failed to distinguish itself from the thousands of other traditional Metal bands that were sporting this sound at that time. However, it remains promising, and I would be interested in hearing any new work given the band's recent revival.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"For The Sake Of Mankind (Re-Issue)" Track-listing:

1. When Angels Cry
2. Appolgia
3. Burn Down The Bridges
4. Paradox
5. To Whom It May Concern
6. Titanic
7. Confrontation
8. Turn The Tables
9. To Be, Or Not To Be
10. Batteries Not Included
11. Razamanaz
12. Daredevil (Bonus Track)
13. Jezebel (Bonus Track)
14. Dog On The Run ('89 Demo)
15. Sirens ('89 Demo)

Artch Lineup:

Eirikur Hauksson - Vocals
Gier Nilssen - Guitar
Cato Olsen - Guitar
Bernt Jansen - Bass
Jorn Jamissen - Drums

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