Exclamation Point


How to sum up AMARGH’s “Exclamation Point”? Some hit and miss, but mostly hit. If you ever drove a Harley without a helmet or smoked filter-less Camel cigarettes, this is probably your jam.
April 29, 2024

ARMAGH, the stripped down, analog-as-fuck Heavy Metal foursome out of Warsaw—is back again. On March 15, 2024 they released their fourth album, “Exclamation Point,” via Dying Victims Productions. While I can’t say a lot about the album title selection, I will say the album itself is a blast. It’s like finding a lost cassette tape under the seat of a 1977 Camero. Think a Blackened version of something between DEF LEPPARD “On Through the Night” and IRON MAIDEN “Killers.”

It's hard to believe ARMAGH formed in the way back of 2012. Four albums (1 EP, 3 LPs) over 12 years represent a rock-solid pace. To be perfectly honest, the band hasn’t improved by leaps and bounds but they are incredibly consistent. You know what you’re getting when you pick up an ARMAGH album. No Experimental or Symphonic going on here. Just lo-fi, warm beer, trailer park Metal.

It should be no surprise that production values are lo-fi as ever, but by this point I think we can all agree that is intentional—I mean it is their fourth album. And I think we also have to agree it takes a certain degree of skill to sound this analog. Standout tracks include the epic “Masters of Time”—over seven minutes vintage metal, weaving a strange tale of time travel and heaving a twin lead solo attack. This track showcases the power of the Soulreaper and Vandall on dueling guitars as well as harmonizing vocals. “Aftermath,” the very next track, is another ripper—an infectious number with heavy MAIDEN leanings. Rounding out my standout list is the final track, “Enough for Now,” a Thrashy wrecker of a number. The vocals seem a bit strained on this one, but the riffage more than makes up for it—especially the break at the 1:30 mark.

Regrets? Maybe a few. “This !s New A” is a bit painful. The first three minutes are like they were calling a truce between Metal and Pop Punk and ended up sacrificing both. It does improve the longer it plays, but that’s a hell of a wait for redemption and really, the first three minutes might be unforgivable. The point being, ARMAGH is at their best when they stick with their core—grueling riffs and dueling solos.

How to sum up “Exclamation Point”? Some hit and miss, but mostly hit. If you ever drove a Harley without a helmet or smoked filter-less Camel cigarettes, this is probably your jam. I sure as hell enjoyed it, and I think most Metal Temple readers will too. Give it a spin.

7 / 10









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"Exclamation Point" Track-listing:

1. Rough Edges

2. Masters of Time

3. Aftermath

4. Between the Sides

5. The Portal

6. Rapid Str!de

7. This !s New A

8. Enough for Now


Armagh Lineup:

Galin Soulreaper – Guitars, vocals

Tom Cultcommander – Bass

Vikk Vandall – Guitars, vocals

Al Atom Smasher – Drums


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