I Am


The only reason I like such reviews is that they don't take much time. When […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
September 22, 2010
Armagedda - I Am album cover

The only reason I like such reviews is that they don't take much time. When you see something is kind of meaningless you just put it plain and simple and that's the end of story. Yeap, ARMAGEDDA's "I Am" is one of those releases...

There have been a few years since this Swedish band split up, but the only thing I see are best of releases and EP's like this that have no actual sense if you ask me. I mean, the band decided to stop playing for a reason, and if you have read their official statement they said they don't want to be associated with the Black Metal scene anymore. And for fuck's sake, they weren't any Black Metal legends so stop flooding the market with such releases!

Anyway, let me say a few things about these four tracks. These songs have never been released in the past or presented live, except for "I Am", which was played during a tour back in 2002. The music is classic old school Black Metal which features some up tempo parts which will remind you of old MAYHEM, as well as some slower, more "atmospheric" BURZUM-like moments ("I Am"). The sound is kind of "rotten", something some of you have used to if you are into underground Black Metal. Yes, this classic "thick", shitty sound...

"I Am" Track-listing:
  1. Den Skrivna Eskatologin
  2. De Vanhelgade
  3. I Am
  4. Cold Eon
Armagedda Lineup:

Graav - Vocals, Guitar
A - Guitar, Bass

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