Years In The Darkness


Even though I was prepared to listen to one more mediocre (to say the least) […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
September 13, 2009
Arkaea - Years In The Darkness album cover

Even though I was prepared to listen to one more mediocre (to say the least) Metalcore album - since every site I came across describes ARKAEA as a Metalcore band - I can say that I was surprised with the band's music. To be honest, their sound is not something you have the chance to listen to every day, so even if it was going to be a bad album, it would at least be interesting.

The band's bio seemed more than tempting for every metalhead, since a line up like this that includes members of bands like THREAT SIGNAL and FEAR FACTORY, a producer like Terry Date (DEFTONES, WHITE ZOMBIE, SLIPKNOT, SOUNDGARDEN, PANTERA and a mastering at the legendary Sterling Sound Studios by Ted Jensen are more than enough for our ears. Or not?

As I said in the beginning of this review, I was expecting a Metalcore band, but ARKAEA proved to be something much more competitive than an average modern act. Their industrialized modern Metal is surely interesting with such talented musicians masterfully handling their weapons. The rhythm sections fucking kills (what did you expect with Kavanagh and Herrera behind the wheel?), Howard proves that he is an incredibly talented singer and Wolbers... What can I say about this guy? His career with FEAR FACTORY, as well as his new steps with ARKAEA show a gifted musician! If I tried to compare ARKAEA to other bands, I could say that they have some similarities with FEAR FACTORY, MNEMIC, SYBREED...

I can't say that I was amazed by Years In The Darkness, but this band definitely offers something different and shows great potential for the future. I will put my trust in these guys and wait for their next step.

7 / 10


"Years In The Darkness" Track-listing:

Beneath The Shades Of Grey
Years In The Darkness
Gone Tomorrow
Black Ocean
Break The Silence
Lucid Dreams
My Redemption
War Within
The World As One
Rise Today
Away From The Sun

Arkaea Lineup:

Jon Howard - Vocals
Christian Olde Wolbers - Guitar
Pat Kavanagh - Bass
Raymond Herrera - Drums

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