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Arjen Lucassen's Supersonic Revolution

From Bandcamp, "Golden Age of Music," the latest album to feature Lucassen's not inconsiderable talents, […]
Arjen Lucassen's Supersonic Revolution - Golden Age of Music album cover

From Bandcamp, "Golden Age of Music," the latest album to feature Lucassen's not inconsiderable talents, may also feature stellar musicianship and killer tunes, but there is no storyline that takes place far into the future in the far-flung depths of space. Nor do the album's 11 tracks come courtesy of an unending list of guest artists. The result is 11 tracks of high energy, progressively inclined heavy rock that swings with the kind of groove Deep Purple rocked with in the early to mid-1970s." The album has 11 songs.

The short "SR Prelude" is a mood-setter, leading to "The Glamattack." What a display of musicianship. This rocking and energetic song has a ton going on, including glittering guitar solos and backing keys. Forget the conventional also, for this song is a Progressive exercise in excess, and I mean that in the most positive way. "The Rise of the Starman" is a little bit more mellow, with a bluesy guitar solo in the opening, and plenty of keyboards. A heavier riff ensues from there, with emotive vocals that go high in the register. "Burn It Down" begins with a DOORS keyboard sound, followed by a rougher edged riff with plenty of balls. It has a sleazy strut to it as well, as if they band was trying to seduce the listener.

"Odyssey" has a tender opening, along with some mystery and tense tones hanging in the air. When the riff kicks in, the song goes into overdrive, with a heavy bottom end, and some Progressive leanings. "They Took Us by Storm" is another keyboard led song with some opening prowess. One thing that this band is not short on, is talent. It's another sexy, strutting sound with a cock-sure attitude, and vocal harmonies that are bright and positive. If this groove doesn't hit you, you might be dead. "Holy Holy Ground" has a slow and tender groove with bluesy tones that wash over you and bring the melancholy. The vocal harmonies are wonderful in the chorus as well.

"Fight of the Century" is a shorter song with a mid-tempo groove. The harmonies remind me of QUEEN, and the lead guitar work is stellar once again. "Came to Mock, Stayed to Rock" closes the album. It begins with a "c'mon dad" followed by some bluesy sleaze rock, with a heavy bottom end. I hear some SAMMY HAGAR influence in this anthem. They literally throw a bevy of sounds at you, nearing everything but the kitchen sink. Overall, this was a great release to listen to. As I mentioned above, the band is not short on talent. Every note that can be extracted is also in the right place, and the heavy blues influences harken back to yesterday. Kick back, put your feet up, and listen to the magic that is "Golden Age of Music."

8 / 10









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"Golden Age of Music" Track-listing:

1. SR Prelude
2. The Glamattack
3. Golden Age of Music
4. The Rise of the Starman
5. Burn It Down
6. Odyssey
7. They Took Us by Storm
8. Golden Boy
9. Holy Holy Ground
10. Fight of the Century
11. Came to Mock, Stayed to Rock

Arjen Lucassen's Supersonic Revolution Lineup:

Arjen Lucassen

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