Archangel A.D.

ARCHANGEL A.D. are fierce, cutthroat contenders for the Thrash throne. Hailing from Texas, the state […]
By Kyle Scott
January 1, 2019
Archangel A.D. - Warband album cover

ARCHANGEL A.D. are fierce, cutthroat contenders for the Thrash throne. Hailing from Texas, the state where everything is bigger, they carry a monster sound with them that shreds the background noise to ribbons. Warband is the band's debut EP. Six songs of evil raising hell, spilling blood, partying with witches and summoning inhuman horrors from the depths of Hell; or better known as a typical Friday evening for most metalheads. There are storms of untold power packed inside each of ARCHANGEL A.D.'s songs.

We start things off right away calling to the forces of darkness below to bring out the unwashed hordes of bellowing demons and grant us their strength in "Unto the Evil". A wish that was not granted apparently as lead singer Justin Lopez hacks his brains out during the song's abrupt outro. ARCHANGEL A.D. shows off their eight-cylinder engine firing at top speed in "Blightning". Only two songs in, and we are treated to the full brunt of what the band is capable of. ARCHANGEL A.D. is a mechanical beast that chugs along at a quick, even pace throughout Warband.

We take a dark peak at the nightmares that plague Justin Lopez's head at night in "Evil Dreams". A nightmare that lasts over six minutes and is full of intimidating and heaping with the weighty bass notes. The album ends on a cocaine and booze high with a filthy love song to the Thrash scene, "Metal Horde". A touching tribute full of filthy chords and foaming rage vocals to create a circle pit of epic proportions. ARCHANGEL A.D. has the Thrash genre in the palm of their hand so that they can slowly crush it into powder. With songs that inspire to headbang and toss your fellow metalheads across the room, the band has released one monster of an EP. ARCHANGEL A.D. has only just begun to melt our brains!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Warband" Track-listing:

1. Unto the Evil
2. Blightning
3. Warnband
4. Enter the Temple
5. Evil Dreams
6. Metal Horde

Archangel A.D. Lineup:

Justin Lopez - Bass, Vocals
Edward Vera Jr. - Drums
Jacob Garcia - Guitars
Matthew Karr - Guitars

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