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"Final Pitch," the band's third album, was released on July 28th, 2023. This release will […]
August 11, 2023
Arch Echo - Final Pitch album cover

"Final Pitch," the band's third album, was released on July 28th, 2023. This release will feature the amazing talents of guest artists Jordan Rudess, Anthony Vincent, and Adrián Terrazas-González. Additionally, the title track will also be the band's first ever song with lyrics. The album has nine songs. "Angry Sprinkles" is the first. A heavy and melodic electronic sound hits you in the face like a cool breeze on a summer day. The lead guitars work is excellent, and so are the accented rhythms. The piano and keyboard work equally as exotic.

"Aluminosity" feature the keyboard former child prodigy Jordan Rudess on the ivories, and he spares no musicianship. Never mind the guitar work as well...these guys are absolute wizards at their trades. "Red Letter" has a jovial and energetic opening sequence where the melodies shoot straight into the heavens with a light that is so bright, you can't even look at it. Their instrumental prowess is literally second to none, and they speed through complex meter arrangements so quickly that you don't even notice.

"Final Pitch" features Anthony Vincent on vocals. The bouncy, ethereal sound is augmented with a great vocal performance, and I get an early HAKEN vibe here in this song. If you aren't tapping your foot, you might not even have any feelings at all. "Cloudsplitter" is more of a tender offering, with sweet melodies that give you pause to think about all the beauty that is in the world. Take some time to soak it in every now and again. The bass works very well with the guitars here, and these guys have some synergy that is very evident.

"Battlestar Nostalgica" begins with a smooth melodic sound that grows in layers. What was once a normal boy is now transformed into a handsome man, with all of the accessories...a big house, a fancy car, and a healthy bank account. It reaches maturity with a more weighted sound that is resonates deeply. "Bet Your Life" has another smooth entrance that grows a bit darker as it moves, and this is really one of the only songs that even has a hint of danger buried inside of it. But the end of is pure dramatic beauty.

"Gold Dust" is another song chocked full of melody and positivity. At times, it feels like the band are just playing with the listener, but that could not be more wrong. Even though the music has plenty of breadth and depth, each step is calculated. "SUPER SUDDEN DEATH" closes the album. It has plenty of girth, and a heavy bottom end, but the way the leads breaks climb these structures is astounding. I get more of an OWANE vibe in this song, and the band uses some jazzy rolls in this song.

A strong instrumental band is able to convey a lot of emotion through their music. They have to be, because vocals aren't part of that medium. ARCH ECHO do a phenomenal job at this. This album is so full of positivity, it could lift anyone out of a funk. The melodies are playful, but also very demanding. Their use of crescendos in their songs really helps them stick in your head as well. This is one of those "once a year" type of albums that has equal doses of musicianship and songwriting ability, and put simply, it's one of the best albums that I have heard this year.

10 / 10









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"Final Pitch" Track-listing:

1. Angry Sprinkles
2. Aluminosity
3. Red Letter
4. Final Pitch
5. Cloudsplitter
6. Battlestar Nostalgica
7. Bet Your Life
8. Gold Dust

Arch Echo Lineup:

Joey Izzo - Keyboards
Adam Rafowitz - Guitars
Adam Bentley - Guitars
Joe Calderone - Bass
Richie Martinez - Drums
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
Anthony Vincent - Vocals
Adrián Terrazas-González - Saxophone, Woodwinds

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