Atlas Lost, Act 1-The Long Sleep

Arcana Collective

From their EPK, "Beginning with the debut EP "The World One Forms", the "Letters From […]
March 21, 2023
Arcana Collective - Atlas Lost

From their EPK, "Beginning with the debut EP "The World One Forms", the "Letters From a Lost Soul" arc is a love story expressed through letters from Damian to his wife and child, but also give a glimpse into his anxieties and nightmares. Now skipping ahead to the "Atlas Lost" arc, "The Long Sleep" follows Damian's desire for escape from the world that has given him so much grief. Leaving his young daughter behind, he embarks on a privately funded journey through the universe to find a way to save his dying world, or find a habitable planet to start again. As with the previous album, Atlas Lost revolves around death and our reactions to it."

"Prelude" is a short intro to the album. It establishes some ominous qualities, especially with the low piano notes and electronica, seguing into "The Dream." A slow pace with dark elements ensues. Both the female and male vocalists have a really nice, smooth voice. The rocket blast off at the end of the song is a bit odd, but it segues to the next song, titled "The Launch." Heavier, dreamier tones lead off the song, with some electronic elements. It's a little tougher making it through the higher vocals here, but the Progressive sounds work. The harsh vocals also work with the dark sound, but this song is all over the place melodically.

"The Long Sleep" is a somewhat sad song, but with more linear qualities. Let this melody line ride out, and that's exactly what they do. I prefer the vocals in the mid to low ranges rather than the higher ones in previous songs. The ending harmonic sequence is beautiful. "The Traveler" is a beastly 12 minutes long. Again, the opening melody line is gorgeous. The sultry saxophone notes that follow are also quite charming. The album is getting better as it moves along for me. Perhaps the most impressive part of this song is how it glides through the length without you noticing how much time passes.

"The Longing" is another short and succinct song where I get some moments of RUSH from them. The riff is clear and the sound is linear. This is a very pretty and energetic song with a crystal message. "The Imagining" is the longest song on the album, at over 13 minutes. The opening bass notes are thick, the music is dark, and the vocal harmonies are on point. Some of the twists and turns along the way are a bit off the path, but the main line stays intact. Harsh vocals cap a more aggressive passage, and the mood grows tense, but the sax notes are again soothing. It pushes through to a really pretty crescendo towards the end as well.

A RUSH cover of "Manhattan Project" closes the album, and this is a great tribute to my all-time favorite band. They band reaches down within and brings their power to the chorus. There are a couple missed notes but to be fair, very few bands haven't made that mistake. It's a very fitting cover to one of the band's best kept secrets. Overall, I must say that the album improved as it went along. At first, they were kind of clunky getting in and out of some passages, but later, they found their groove with smooth sounds. Their musicianship is also pretty impressive as a duo (with special guests). This was a charming album and I believe the band can only go up from here with more experience.

8 / 10









"Atlas Lost, Act 1-The Long Sleep" Track-listing:

1. Prelude
2. The Dream
3. The Launch
4. The Long Sleep
5. The Traveler
6. The Longing
7. The Imagining
8. Manhattan Project

Arcana Collective Lineup:

Rogan McAndrews - Guitar, Bass, Synths, and Piano
Deyson Thiara - Drums
Erin Cobern - Guitar on "The Longing")
Charlie Robbins - Guitar on "The Imagining")
Nicholas Ibarreta - Alto Sax on "The Launch", "The Traveler", and "The Imagining")

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