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Applaud The Impaler

APPLAUD THE IMPALER was founded in 2008, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They are a […]
By Jered "The Inertia" Lacks
April 24, 2019
Applaud The Impaler - Apocalypse Incarnate album cover

APPLAUD THE IMPALER was founded in 2008, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They are a Brutal Technical Death Metal band with subtle elements of Deathcore. They often revolve their songwriting around topics such as gore, leprosy, and nihilism. They are said to be inspired by bands such as Origin, Beneath The Massacre, and Nile. Since 2009 they have released a demo and two EP's. In 2019 they released their first full length album, titled "Ov Apocalypse Incarnate".

This is the first time I have ever heard APPLAUD THE IMPALER. I have to say I was very impressed. This album was right up my alley. When I got through than less of half the album, I was making my angry Death Metal faces, which led my daughter to give me questionable looks. This band delivers technicality, speed, brutality, and heaviness. The production on this album is very crisp and clear, allowing for all sounds and instruments to be audible. There are a lot of bands in the Technical/Brutal Death Metal genre these days. Its really hard for a band to have an original sound, even with experimentation. I will say that this isn't something I haven't ever heard before, but what they are striving for in their sound is very well accomplished. It was pretty difficult to pick certain tracks to talk about on this album, because they were all perfect. If you love Death Metal as much as I do, you will totally dig this album.

The album begins with a minute and nineteen second introduction track called "Abiogenesys". It will immediately draw you in, and show you that you are about to experience some heavy, evil, and brutal shit. The intro flows right into the second track of the album, "Vestiges". With its low tuned guitar tones, it adds to the brutality of this band. There is a riff at just over a minute and a half in this song that just makes you feel that "good" angry feeling you should get when you listen to death metal. By the time you get to track five, "Enigmatic Infection", you should be completely invested into this band. This song explodes with a technical riff right at the very beginning. Sometimes, I find that bands can be so technical that it just takes away to the substance and heart of the music. But with this song, its a good example of how this band wants to show its listener that they are very skilled, but they can incorporate their technicality into a very memorable and catchy riff.

There is a song on this album called "Mung Farm". The lyrics are absolutely vile and disgusting, and that's a good thing. To recite a line from the lyrics... "Mung, ingestion of fermented fetuses slowly ripened by postmortem preservation carcass." Nearing the end of the album, is the song "Angel Lust". This is another track that hits your hard with technical riffs, heavy crunch, and gory lyrics. The last song, and track twelve is titled "Ununoctium". It begins with a death march sound, and a eerie tower bell. It flows into a Black Metal type melody then knocks you down with the band's brutal death metal sound. This song is about a resurrected evil entity that is awakened to end the borrowed time that earth has been living on, in a devastating and unholy way. Song placement is always important for me on any album I am listening to, and they played it right by making this one their outro track for this album.

I listened to this album three times since last night, added it to my library, and would one hundred percent recommend it to any death metal fan. The lyrics are horrific and vile, the music and vocals are heavy and brutal. It's in every way and awesome death metal experience. I would suggest listen to this album with noise canceling headphones. The first time I listened to it was in my vehicle, and with the low tone guitars and "bassiness", it could be a little more difficult to make out the mids in car speakers. I would totally pay to see these guys live, and to experience their performance with a crowd of fans. I feel like this band can bring a lot of energy with their performance. In the end, I would say that this album was a completely enjoyable experience!

8 / 10









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"Ov Apocalypse Incarnate" Track-listing:

1. Abiogenesys
2. Vesiges
3. Trenchrot
4. Acid Cloud
5. Enigmatic Infection
6. Mung Farm
7. Machine of Malice
8. Hellmouth
9. Ov Apocalypse Incarnate
10. Angel Lust
11. Parasitic Entities
12. Ununoctium


Applaud The Impaler Lineup:

Zack Lashure - Vocals
George Bauman - Guitar
Corey Millett - Guitar
Jon Pentz - Bass
Joey Glover - Drums

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