Apparitions of Null

Formed in 2011 in Sydney, Australia, APPARITIONS OF NULL are an explosive five piece who […]
By Megan McMillan
April 20, 2015
Apparitions of Null - Kaleidoscopes album cover

Formed in 2011 in Sydney, Australia, APPARITIONS OF NULL are an explosive five piece who have finally released their debut album after five years. "Kaleidoscopes" is a 26 minute long track in a similar vein to Progressive Metal acts such as DREAM THEATER. Only APPARITIONS OF NULL's style is much heavier and they cover a broader spectrum of metal music within this release alone, thus demonstrating their impressive talent.

Three words fit the perfect description of this album, haunting, technical and experimental. The complexity of the EP shows what tremendous musicianship the band have. Like a lot of progressive music the piece develops and goes to all sorts of different places sometimes extremely heavy with harsh growls and face meltingly crunchy guitar. While other times there is beautiful melodic guitar and softer acoustic sections.

Some people may think that it's hard to pay attention to a piece of music for longer than the standard, four minute long or so track, but when a band have carved out a track that has so many layers of music it becomes super interesting to listen too and makes you want to go back for more. It's one of those pieces musically where there's a lot of special touches such as spider web guitar sprinkled out here and there as well as special affects such as echoing that give the music substance and atmosphere.

I think APPARITIONS OF NULL are a good starting point for those who want to get more into progressive music. I'm one of those people that believe you do have to have an ear for progressive music because a lot of the times you do have to be very patient for something interesting to happen, however. While this EP may start out slow, it expand into something that is truly mesmerizing very quickly and would appeal particularly appeal to those who are into more brutal sounding metal. Then these are the guys for you.

7 / 10


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"Kaleidoscopes" Track-listing:

1. Kaleidoscopes

Apparitions of Null Lineup:

Dale Robinson - Vocals
Sam Maher - Guitars
Chris Rosiak - Guitars
Jamie Harrison Brown - Drums
Dwayne Murray - Bass

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