Inverted Realm


If you happen to be a fan of old-school styled death metal, then APPALLING is […]
By James Brizuela
June 5, 2019
Appalling - Inverted Realm album cover

If you happen to be a fan of old-school styled death metal, then APPALLING is the band for you. With a sound similar to MORBID ANGEL, but with some blackened and haunting guitar riffs, APPALLING return with their second full-length album, "Inverted Realm". I wasn't exactly so sure about the band when the first track, "Hot Coals For Branding", kicked in. It was a surprise to hear a death metal styled band sound also similar in nature to a black metal band without either side winning on the musical genre side of things. It was as if you got the best parts of black metal and death metal, then slammed them together. The sound works so well with death metal drumming and haunting guitar melodies. But once the track was ending, I found myself headbanging and ready to hear some more chaos and carnage.

Harmonious chaos is exactly what I got with the second track, "Shameful Kiss". The track brings forth a slower tempo that still presents a brutal theme with it. APPALLING is exactly the right name for the band and their sound. With crushing guitar riffs that play with speed and slower blackened melody, the lyrical thematic elements are the icing on the cake for this sound. Not sure what their "mother's tits" have to do with in, "Epileptic Sermon", but I'm all for it. The track is complete and utter chaos. And judging by the lyrical content, that's what this album is supposed to be. "A Mutilator at Large", is the premiere track on this album. With the brutal fastness of technical death metal, the track comes in with some unrelenting riffs and drums. The band also find a way to slow things down and add that blackened sound to it, while showing off some beautifully done guitar solo work. Quite impressively done is their ability to blend so many sub-genres into one track.

Coming back in with some fierce technical brutality, "Critical Thinking", starts and showcases some more of the bands' technical death metal ability. Keeping up the pace with the rest of the album, I found myself still headbanging.  The final track, "Templar" follows suit and caps off the album with a very thrashy introduction layered with some more impressive guitar solo work. I love how APPALLING can slow things down to showcase some incredible technical musicianship, but also keep the sound so brutal at the same time. "Inverted Realm", is a win in my book.

8 / 10









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"Inverted Realm" Track-listing:

1. Hot Coals For Branding
2. Shameful Kiss
3. Epileptic Sermon
4. Artifact and Vessel
5. A Mutilator at Large
6. Critical Thinking
7. Templar

Appalling Lineup:

JK - Guitar
DJ - Guitar
JA - Bass
B - Drums
BM - Vocals

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