Prime Incursion


The Netherlands of 2015 gives us one of its most brutal albums that clew its […]
By Moti Rokah
May 3, 2015
Apophys - Prime Incursion album cover

The Netherlands of 2015 gives us one of its most brutal albums that clew its way out from its ground, APOPHYS came together in the year 2012 and now release their debut album "Prime Incursion" through METAL BLADE, one of the most respected labels in the metal industry that survived the internet era. The album explodes in your ears from the first second until its last breath of brutal death metal, you will find no mixing of genres in this album and I guess they will keep this straight forward brutal death metal to their very end.

Nine aggressive unmelodic songs that are led by the bear growling vocals of front man Kevin Quilligan. It sounds a lot like the fine line CANNIBAL CORPSE took on since the VILE album, fast lyrics that blow in your face, with extra grinding of the drums section that is insanely heavy and powerful. The entire sound of the album gives the feel of total devastation and destruction,

The so-called melodies in this album are saved to small parts that usually last for 5 seconds before turning to one big blast of brutal death metal.
The songs that left a scar to remember are,. "The Sentient" with special rolling of the drums in the theme sections that won't live one neck unbroken and in its final section it just turn to angry growling that escalate its brutality to another level.
"The Final Step" is the "slowest" song in "Prime Incursion" and it's a head bangers delight with a memorizing solo in the middle and riffs that can cut bones to the core.

"Miscreants" give us a structure from the mid pace tempo that builds the anger of the song to the point it unleash its fury through grinds and double bass that never ends... The album is well written and the sound of it is brutal to the very end, and is not in any way a redo of any other band, it destroy by itself.

8 / 10


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"Prime Incursion" Track-listing:

1. Dimensional Odyssey
2. Miscreants
3. Requiem for the Absurd
4. The Antidote
5. Ego
6. The Sentient
7. The Final Step
8. Humanity's Epilogue
9. The Red Planet

Apophys Lineup:

Kevin Quilligan - Vocals
Sanne van Dijk - Guitar
Koen Romeijn - Guitar
Michiel van der Plicht - Drums
Mickeal Schuurman - Bass

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