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Founded in 2012 in Germany, ANY GIVEN DAY ignited interest with their debut, "My Longest […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
April 29, 2019
Any Given Day - Overpower album cover

Founded in 2012 in Germany, ANY GIVEN DAY ignited interest with their debut, "My Longest Way Home".  The album hit #28 on the German charts. The band topped that in 2016 with "Everlasting," coming in at #14. ANY GIVEN DAY have toured with CALIBAN, TRIVIUM, and SUICIDE SILENCE, and created a rapidly growing fan base. The band has also hit 10 million+ views with their cover of RIHANNA's "Diamonds," while their video for "Arise," featuring Matt Heafy of TRIVIUM, surpassed 4 million views.  2019 sees the release of "Overpower." They have tour dates already in place for the summer, as well as an April date in Dubai. I am not saying that is a first, but it is a first to my knowledge that a band would play in Dubai. So let us just get on with it and see what these guys bring to our ears.

"Start Over" begins the album with a lush intro that pulls tender notes and strums before you get a fist shoved into your throat. The double bass brings an off-beat blast that generates melodies with the guitars through the verses. What really catches you off-guard is Dennis Diehl's vocals. He unleashes a hardcore feel until he reaches the chorus. This is where he transits into cleans without missing a beat. Most bands have another singer for one or the other but Diehl's ability is on show from the very beginning of the song. "Loveless" is the second track and keeps on the hardcore track. The pounding beats and guitars keep the groove flowing through my ears. There are more of Diehl's clean vocals but not as much as the first. The song is very hard hitting and as it reaches the breakdown Diehl reaches out with "Nothing in this world, Is feeling harder than life itself" in his signature soft undertone.

"Savior" is the third track from "Overpower" and releases a fury yet heard. The guitars are furious into the chorus, and still harmonize with the vocals of "Put your wings around me, Pull these pieces together." The band have seemed to have found a great flow of rhythm and harmony so far. "Lonewolf" is the fifth track and you can find the video at the bottom of this review. It begins with soft and heavy rhythm and vocals. It is a different song than what I have become accustomed to, but it keeps a heaviness even through mostly clean vocals. There is a different aura to the song itself, as the spectral sounds give more depth to the emotional song. It has become a favorite instantly, as I tend to gravitate to more emotional and spiritual songs such as this one. The heaviness returns with "Devil Inside".  The sixth song brings you back to the band you heard in the beginning. The pounding drums and heavy guitars still harmonizing with Diehl and his style of vocals. "There is no second chance, from the mistakes you made" hit right at the heart and have you feeling the emotions within the song. But as Diehl screams "Fuck You, and your guilty conscience" you are brought back into the real world.

The band certainly has an extreme way of speaking their mind. Nearing the end of this great album, I find the song "Fear." Again the band has twisted their signature sound around as clean vocals fill your ears. The music is a slow heavy sound that elevates Diehl's soft vocals. It gives a needed break from all of the previous songs jack-hammer beats and riffs. The emotion captured here in this beautiful sonnet is truly captivating. ANY GIVEN DAY show why they have become such a sensation over the years. They have a distinct sound that not many bands seem to capture. Other songs such as "Whatever It Takes" and "Never Surrender" are all just as heavy as the rest of the album. I found it hard to really decide on which songs to really list here. I also must note that even as I speak a lot of Dennis Diehl and his talents, the other band members, Andy Posdziech, Dennis Ter Schmitten, Michael Golinski, and Raphael Altmann are all equally talented to create this great music. I could have easily written about every song on "Overpower" but I feel a need to leave a little bit of mystery for others to discover. The album is certainly great and I can see the band really reaching a higher pinnacle with their forth-coming endeavors.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Overpower" Track-listing:

1. Start Over
2. Loveless
3. Savior
4. Rewind
5. Lone Wolf
6. Devil Inside
7. Sure to Fail
8. In Deafening Silence
9. Whatever It Takes
10. Fear
11. Never Surrender

Any Given Day Lineup:

Dennis Diehl -Vocals
Andy Posdziech - Guitar
Dennis Ter Schmitten - Guitar
Michael Golinski - Bass
Raphael Altmann - Drums

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