From their EPK, "ANTIROPE are an Alternative Metal band founded in Munich, Germany in 2015, […]
Antirope - Amnesia album cover

From their EPK, "ANTIROPE are an Alternative Metal band founded in Munich, Germany in 2015, and they bring us a new sound that makes the psychedelic cruel and the damned sound heavenly. Their debut record, "Amnesia," gives the listener a mirror of hope and ruin, an aesthetic anti-trend, leaving all of us wanting more. Way more." The album has eleven songs, and "Is This the End" is the first. The opening tones steadily get harder, until a punishing riff enters. The vocals are clean at first, and the fuzz of the guitars resonates behind them. The harmonies are nice, and I hear mostly a cross between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

"Black or Two" is a little more linear and melodic in the sense that the harmonies are straightforward. There is a still a bit of sadness hanging in the air however. "Dead Sun" is a three-minute rocker with a slower pace. The vocalist sort of saunters a bit with his voice, almost as if he doesn't care, and I mean that with every compliment. "Ropes" is a faster song with a stellar groove in the riff, and the melody is pretty well crafted as well. So far, this band doesn't overwhelm, but the songs are steady.

"Give Me More" begins with clean guitars and emotive vocals, and the band shows that they are not just a one-trick pony. The main riff packs a powerful punch as well, and the vocal harmonies are on point. "Time is a Killer" has a slower, and more powerful groove. I like the contrast between the heavy riff and the vocal harmonies, as well as the mix between sad tones and happy ones on the album. "Everything You Are" is a more tender offering, with emotive vocals and some backing strings. The sound builds steadily until it comes crashing to a crescendo.

"Amnesia" begins with tension in the background. The vocals ease in slowly, as do the drums. It hangs in near silence until the main riff is realized. From there, a steadier rock sound develops. The lengthy "Utopia" closes the album. Because of the length, it takes some time to develop. At first, there are just some light drums and vocals, an occasional bass note, and some backing psychedelics. It isn't until after the half-way mark that the main riff saunters in. The song has dark tones, and ominous warnings. Overall, this was a good listening experience for me. Although the band didn't flash any crazy amount of musicianship, they focused instead on the songwriting, and I appreciated the diversity in sound they showed on the album.

7 / 10









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"Amnesia" Track-listing:

1. Is This the End
2. Black or Two
3. Dead Sun
4. Beautiful Liar
5. Ropes
6. Give Me More
7. Passenger
8. Time is a Killer
9. Everything You Are
10. Amnesia
11. Utopia

Antirope Lineup:

Slaven Stokic - Vocals, Guitar
Patrick Fleischer - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Julie Fleischer - Bass, Backing Vocals
Tobias Schauseil - Drums

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