ANTIGOD is an Extreme Metal band from Czechia who started playing together in 2011. Since […]
By MetalWim
March 28, 2023
Antigod - Messtery album cover

ANTIGOD is an Extreme Metal band from Czechia who started playing together in 2011. Since then they have released three albums, knowingly "The Masquerade" in 2013, "Wareligion" in 2015 and "W.R.A.T.H." in 2018. And now, some five years later, they are back, and with a vengeance. Their latest offering has the title "Messtery", but is anything but a mess. In short, it is a very viable half hour of very Heavy Metal with Thrash, Death and Industrial undertones thrown in at every angle.

So, having put your mind at ease about the direction you are looking at, I can continue. But my real question is, have I put your mind at ease? Because let's face it, what I have described could go either way your imagination can conceive. Okay, I'll try to rephrase what I think you should get your heads around when I try another attempt to describe what I am listening to whilst typing eagle style (just with two fingers, which goes to show how apt I am and why writing one of these reviews always takes up so much time).

If you remember the ENTOMBED days with Mr Petrov as a singer, the Death 'n' Roll times, think of that kind of guitar sound, with rolling bass tracks to back that up. The drums are hovering between that genre of music and Death Metal. This means they are going from very underrated to bloody impressive, but always indicative of the music. In truth this only enhances the emotions that ANTIGOD is trying to create, and I for one thoroughly enjoy that.

The growling voice is another reminder of LG Petrov, but done is the way that fits vocalist Martin Turek best. And I have to admit that it fits like a glove. It makes the songs come out stronger. So now we come to the biggest question; is this any good? Well, yes, it definitely is. No, ANTIGOD will not be launching a new musical direction. Neither are they doing anything new. On the contrary, everything they do has been done before, but on "Messtery" that doesn't matter one bit. Why not, you ask? Because the music is coherent, the songs are rather pleasant to listen to and have a way of working their way into your subconscious. And to me it hasn't mattered how many times is listened to "Messtery", I have enjoyed everything that ANTIGOD has been throwing at me. And that, my friends, is what music should be about.

8 / 10









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"Messtery" Track-listing:

1. Plaguearth
2. Fractured And Torn
3. Existence Cancelled
4. Chaoswomb
5. Hoax Dominion
6. Insidious
7. Truth Disjointed
8. Resignation
9. Combat Singularity
10. Hedonic Era
11. Misology
12. Hidden Enmity
13. When The Peace Forges A War

Antigod Lineup:

Pedy - guitars
Martin Turek - vocals
Ferenc - drums
Vladimir Krč - bass
Yabback - guitars

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