Mirrors and Screens


ANTHENORA has been active since 1989. They were first formed as an IRON MAIDEN tribute […]
By Hari Narayanan
December 5, 2020
Anthenora - Mirrors and Screens album cover

ANTHENORA has been active since 1989. They were first formed as an IRON MAIDEN tribute band, and were regarded s the most popular Iron Maiden tribute act in Italy. After touring heavily with Nicko McBrain for several tours as backing band, they started writing original songs and recording. They released their first album "The Last Command" in 20014 and have grown as band in terms of fan base and musically. The core of their sound still remains largely allied to the legacy of IRON MAIDEN. On their new outing "Mirrors and Screens", ANTHENORA builds on the epic nature of their sound and possibly will attract new fans and multiply their existing support and further their reputation in Italian circles as well as to the global audience.

The album kicks off with a soft acoustic soundscape. The first song "Tiresias" moves with a galloping pace and chuggy riffs, with soaring vocals of Luigi powering things along. The next song "Alive" employs a steady bass line as the basic structure and purposeful drumming. But the highlight to the entire album is the delightful and epic soloing throughout the songs. The talented Stefano and Gabriele are the centre pieces of the sound of this band. The production of the album is also biased towards the guitars. This helps the sound of the album since the genre calls for such a kind of production. Songs such as "Peter Pan","Like", and "No Easy Way Out" are the other noteworthy songs in the album.

There are major faults and downsides to the album too. To point some out, the song "Bully Lover" seems out of place and does no justice to the overall sound. The album tires the listener after repeated listen and listening to it seems rather like chore. The solos, even though  they prove to be great additions to the songs, comes off as included for the sake of including them to the songs, that is, sometime they appear disjunctive to the sound of the album. The band sounds like a knockoff of IRON MAIDEN during the most crucial moments throughout the album's run time.

Even through the album sounds like a refreshing of memory of the MAIDEN universe, and may be pleasing to the casual listener, it comes off as a knockoff to any listener familiar to the terrain of Heavy Metal at this moment in time. The aim of this band is pure and respect worthy. If one wants a sharper, clear cut version to what this band is trying to achieve, look no further than IRON MAIDEN. This sound should be definitely marketed towards casual music listeners who will find this attractive and the band would achieve financial success.

5 / 10









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"Mirrors and Screens" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Tiresias
3. Alive
4.  30th
5.  Digital Feelings
6. Funny Fricky Killer
7. Bully Lover
8. Low Hero
9. No Easy Way Out
10. Like
11. Peter Pan
12. No... So What
13. War & Peace

Anthenora Lineup:

Luigi "Gigi" Bonansea - Vocals
Stefano "Pooma" Pomero - Guitar
Gabriele "Gabri" Bruni - Guitar
Samuele "Peyo" Peirano - Bass
Fabio "Smaro" Smareglia - Drums

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