ANTECHAOS are made up of three members of another band SEYMINHOL, these three members are; […]
May 17, 2022
Antechaos - Apocalypse album cover

ANTECHAOS are made up of three members of another band SEYMINHOL, these three members are; NICOLAS PELISSIER on guitar, CHRIS BILLON-LAROUTE on bass guitar and JULIEN TRUTTMANN on drums. The two additional members that completed the lineup are LAURENT FABISZ, former member of KRYZEES and MAXIME BORIOLO, former member of FOURTH CIRCLE. The band came together in 2020 and can be compared to the likes of SORTILEGE, TRUST and SIXX A.M. They have now released their debut album APOCALYPSE which is out now through M & O Music.

The album opens with "Alpha" rather unorthodox soundscape but then these unusual sounds pave the way for hard rock guitar with drums to introduce vocals as well. Guitar follows a sort of punk/hardcore riff then varies as there is a short solo or section for drums or guitar to interact more with each other. Vocals are soft but have a good projection and hint of bite or harshness. Guitar electrifies and then converses with vocals but drums sweep in again.

"Exode" has sizzling guitar lines as drums play an off beat intro then returns to a more simplified pattern. A more vigorous drum pattern briefly appears as vocals triumph in glory and supremacy. "Gangster" has a more alternative acoustic guitar intro then electric guitar screeches the track into life as vocals and drums join. There are also vocal harmonies so subtle but nicely placed in the mix, the rhythm of the lyrics being sung roll off the vocalist's tongue.

Then we can hear two guitar parts, one is higher in pitch and so sparse but the second guitar is more mid range so a bit warmer. "Enfance 2.0" where guitar and drums stop and start with a breakdown intro then vocals sweep as before with attitude. A solo section or instrumental part of the song with guitar, bass and drums take a progressive sound mixed with alternative or hard rock. We head into the next track titled "Veuve Noire", which has a more atmospheric or 80's classic rock sound as vocals take the lead here.

Vocal harmonies also appear once more as they did in track three with a throbbing guitar solo towards the end. But let's not wait around, straight into track six which is "La Bord Du Monde" starts with a mellow but quiet guitar intro. This track definitely has more of a punch and jabs with drums. Electric guitar supports this and vocals become more sustained in certain sections of the track, there are hints of 80's glam rock tuning as well. The lower end of the spectrum is spectacular as we go into track seven now.

"Lucifer" with a crescendo of cymbal hits and bass heavy guitar whereas vocals are straight in with words of power. The vocals have more clarity too and even at one stage have a sort of pop-rock interval but this doesn't last long. A breakdown of drums and guitar also stands the test of time with grit and hardcore that is stupendous. "Secret Médical" comes in with a belting drum pattern and edgy guitar riff as vocals spit words but remain just as good as before.

Suddenly we have a secondary vocal line that is lower in range and cuts through the mix. Guitar picks and is very melodic as we are now going into track nine which is "L'effet Papillon". A drum roll pattern with quieter vocals and guitar tweaks as the track operates on a start 'n' stop rhythm. Guitar is soloistic at times as drums vary in rhythm before they repeat the rolling pattern as vocals whisper, guitar accents the track with a slow crescendo. "Obsoléte" with interesting soundscape and plucking guitar before drums kicks off the melody with awesome bass guitar notation creating drive.

Sustained electric guitar allows the accompanying instruments to contribute more as drums or guitar are very much the core of the arrangement plus dynamics in this track. What an ending too which is fantastic but finally the closing track which is "Apocalypse". A piano intro glides the track swiftly but then full band unison comes firing on all cylinders. There is a short break with electric guitar leading a melody as drums also join in to repeat a full band unison as we come to a close. Safe to say that this band has certainly hit the spot in terms of what they can offer us and their guitar or vocal melodies are sublime. It should be mentioned also that the last track is actually a short radio edited version of track six, but overall a very good album.

8 / 10









"Apocalypse" Track-listing:

1. Alpha
2. Exode
3. Gangster
4. Enfance 2.0
5. Veuve Noire
6. Le Bord Du Monde
7. Lucifer
8. Secret Médical
9. Effet Papillon
10. Obsoléte
11. Apocalypse
12. Le Bord Du Monde (Radio Edit)

Antechaos Lineup:

Laurent Falisz - Vocals
Nico Pelissier - Guitars
Max Boriolo - Guitars
Chris Billon - Bass Guitar
Dom Calastretti - Drums

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