Climb Out Of Hell


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ANNIKEN; signed via ROCKSHOTS Records, […]
July 8, 2022
Anniken - Climb Out Of Hell album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ANNIKEN; signed via ROCKSHOTS Records, hailing from Norwegian grounds - performing metal with varied prosperity, on their debut full-length studio album entitled: "Climb Out Of Hell" (released May 13th, 2022). Since formation in 2022; the band in question have only this debut full-length album in their discography so far of which I am introduced to, 9 tracks ranging around 36 minutes - an assorted array of musical metal prowess & an intricately designed formula delivers a heavy-hitting slice of metal diversity for all to marvel at.

Opening up with this rampantly rompy manifestation of drum hammering crescendos and towering thuds of sturdy remedy: "Spotlight" starts off the record with a catchy barrage frenzy in crunchy hooks, blistering rhythm & weighty rumbles of reverberating trembles that ramify with melodious zeal amongst a chiseling drill in quintessential tactics of virtuosic melody. Some sonically seamless solos from guest guitarist Gabriels, also does some splendid orchestral work that vary the riveting firepower expertise into a fierce but epic fretwork potency. The titular track distils a creatively dexterous element in implementing an amplified stridency on synthetic euphony, as a jazzy mobility utilises a flamboyant stability on rich songwriting musicianship & upbeat momentum.

"Back Then" acts as a ballad-esque, feel-good reveller - one of those tracks where you would unleash your lighters held high in concert. Where Anniken herself attributes at a clean-singing prowess, throaty yells soar with strong yet operatic verve while vivacious lyricism crafts an elegantly exquisite formulaic on linear jumpiness & striking pursuit of mellifluous rollicks that frolic into a galloping dynamic in fervor driven chops. As "Just Walk" fabricates a singsong versatility, while really synergetic - a captivating flair continues to pummel with rapidly nimble swiftness on top of a distinctively distinguished hybrid in experimental adrenaline which thumps out with venomous volatility & salubriously sulphurous tempo for good measure.

Audibly infectious injections from flickering bassist Marius Danielsen (also on guitars) demonstrates an entrancing grind in which rifts with enriching charm, the production sounds crisp and clear of which you can hear a fluidly polished proficiency of profusely robust instrumental bliss amongst a concretely gritty distortion for good sport. Profound in ballad number two: "Keep The Light", where hymnal chimes spellbinds one with superlunary finesse and a tremolo tenor immensity - in which will marvel your souls with wondrous sublimity. Stompy pounds from battering drummer Alessandro Kelvin smack speakers with killer kicks and meaty maelstrom ability, distributing a fierce forge on unique throttling on top of some symphonic choirs from Marius Danielsen/David Åkesson.

ANNIKEN for sure resound themselves with meticulous serenity, where "Star" harnesses a heralding intrigue on rocking jamboree & magical prodigiousness. Tuneful solidity slabs a complex conundrum in diverse appeal, where spectral variety trances through with effervescent buoyancy and boisterously bouncy characteristics as desired which grants a grandiose listening experience in grandeur yet jolly jauntiness. While "No Name" & the penultimate bewitcher "Save Us", both excel with more prestigious etiquettes in ambitious archetypes of passionate enthusiasm in which while transpires with organic substance - a diligently detailed linearity in morphing sophisticated rock with heavy frets, fuses an èclatful elan on top of some exuberantly dashing vigour which rigorously relishes a fascinating listening enjoyability for those who desire it. Especially within the overall concluding banger: "Amplified" which unsurprisingly tells the tale of us rocking maniacs with stylishness & vivacity, while introducing growling gutturals from guest grower Brandon Bordman which supplies monolithic prosperity until an abrupt finishing closes the record with strong momentum.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that ANNIKEN on her own merits most surely offered a healthy dose of some stunning solo performances that charm delightfully, as flexibly fundamental instrumental equalities will provide you with re-playable spins should you fancy it, also recruiting the vast range of guests also do this project tastefully as it conjures up some brisk but neat supplements in brio fueled excellency for your rocking needs, do check it out.

8 / 10









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"Climb Out Of Hell" Track-listing:

1. Spotlight
2. Climb Out of Hell
3. Back Then
4. Just Walk
5. Keep the Light
6. Star
7. No Name
8. Save Us
9. Amplified

Anniken Lineup:

Anniken (DARKEST SINS) - Vocals
Marius Danielsen - Guitars/Bass
Gabriels - Orchestrations (Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7,9)
Peter Danielsen (Tracks 5,6)
Alessandro Kelvin - Drums
Marius Danielsen/David Åkesson - Choirs
Brandon Bordman - Growls
Gabriels (Track 1 Solos)
Bill Hudson (Tracks 2,5)
Nick Giannakos (Track 3)
Fredrik Enochson (Track 4)
Tommy Johansson (Track 5)
Jimmy Hedlund (Track 6)
Nils Courbaron (Track 7)
Marius Danielsen (Track 8)
Terry Wapram (Track 9)

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