Monstrosity Per Defectum


Back in 1996, some friends decided that it would be a nice idea to start […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 9, 2008
Anmod - Monstrosity Per Defectum album cover

Back in 1996, some friends decided that it would be a nice idea to start rehearsing and play some really brutal shit. Thus, the brutal Death Metal band FORNICATION was born. The band didn't last long and it stopped all activities somewhere around 2004-2005. During 2005, some FORNICATION members were restless and they couldn't just sit without doing anything. In short time, the idea of ANMOD came to life and the three amigos started composing their own stuff.

It took three years until the band found a label and got ready to release its first ever official recording. ANMOD signed with the Dutch label Deity Down Records and the Brazilian band gave birth to its first child, Monstrosity Per Defectum. Latin America was always a nice place to look for extreme Metal, so I was glad that this band's album fell into my hands.

The Brazilian death metallers are what someone might call true Brazilian extreme Death Metal. Their music is a blend of technique and brutality with many references to the masters of the genre CANNIBAL CORPSE (even the vocals reminded of Corpsegrinder), as well as some other US Death Metal acts like NILE and SUFFOCATION and of course their country mates KRISIUN. Their music is nothing you may hear for the first time. ANMOD are based on already known and guaranteed recipes. Their music features all the well known elements that comprise the Death Metal genre, with relentless blasts and furious shredding guitars being the main actors of this movie. The bass is of course incredible, featuring some great bass lines and the singer is like a beast behind the microphone.

The fact is that there is almost nothing that makes ANMOD differ from the numerous Death Metal bands out there. The band definitely has great potential and their debut album shows that they have the skills to play some really nice music. All they have to do is to craft a more personal sound. Nice album, but it would be better if it had its own identity.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Monstrosity Per Defectum" Track-listing:

Hung Up At The Pale
Wretchedness And Decay
Outwitted By Redeeming Features
Absence Of An Upper World
Impending Loss
Weakness Of Will
Monstrosity Per Defectum

Anmod Lineup:

Hernan Oliveira - Vocals, Bass
Gerson Watanabe - Guitar
Johnny R. R. - Drums

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