Enter The Killzone


The world is a place filled with more suffering and pain than it is normally […]
By Dimitris Karametros
March 10, 2010
Anima - Enter The Killzone album cover

The world is a place filled with more suffering and pain than it is normally and logically necessary if there is a logic in suffering at all. In our daily lives we are forced to make choices that we normally would never or should never choose, our escapes are minimal and slowly without the possibility to revert the entropy go to vaporous.

This loss is evident in many Death Metal bands, especially the younger bands that suffer getting older in a world that does everything to steal their hopes. The growling vocals and the high pitched screams are a proof that we will not go down without a fight; the cutting edge riffs and the bombastic blast beats are their weapons of awakening. ANIMA calls us to "Enter The Killzone" but are they ready to join the fight against Banality? No, they are not. With their second full length album, "Enter The Killzone", ANIMA promised us something more, more power, more aggression, more vocal and musical carnage, and after the release of "The Daily Grind" in 2008 truth be told we were expecting all that more. But there is no more.

"Enter The Killzone" is lacking or (better put its similar to all the Deathcore bands out there) maybe the problem lies in the last pre fix, "-Core". All those youth -Core bands although good musicians in the sum, seem to lack the ability to learn from the past and incorporate the best to their future. ANIMA fall to that category, although prepared technically they seem to lack the artistry. Sure the vocals are brutal, distorted and full of dissonance...and? The riffs are sharp and, well actually I felt they were too distorted to make sense but they were all that was necessary and "expected" from a band like ANIMA. We have another hundred plus bands in the - Core genre who play the exact same thing as ANIMA were the promise of something "more" is kept, something different, something new?

The sound is mediocre, and I am not talking production wise, which by the way is high standard. Simply the sound is something that does not impress. The bonding of the band is not evident, there are parts that it felt like each man is to his own, I saw that more evidently in the band JOB FOR A COWBOY and that is a band that should be avoided to have as a role model. Distortion and dissonance, aggression and brutality do not need discord in a band to augment them and there is nothing technical in that it just shows that there is no bond in the band or the main influence was pre-90s experimental industrial bands.

You will find nothing special in "Enter The Killzone" other than a mediocre album that brings nothing hopeful to the oversaturated state that the Death and Deathcore scene is. Vacuus Animus.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Enter The Killzone" Track-listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Incarceration
  3. Loner's Reflection
  4. Cu(n)t And Twist
  5. The Man Eater
  6. Carnage Provoked
  7. BlackNight
  8. The Omnipotent Torture King
  9. Welcome To Our Killzone
  10. Necromantica
  11. I Am Sick I Want To Kill
Anima Lineup:

Robert Horn - Vocals
Justin Schuler - Bass
Steven Holl - Guitar
Andre Steinmann - Guitar
Benjamin Kuhnemund - Drums

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