Scorched Earth Policy


I can't say that ANIHILATED is one of my top favourite bands but I can […]
By Caterina Zoi
July 13, 2010
Anihilated - Scorched Earth Policy album cover

I can't say that ANIHILATED is one of my top favourite bands but I can say that I like their previous albums very much.When I saw that they recorded a new album I wasn't that happy, because generally I prefer a "dead" band that has recorded masterpieces in the past than a band that tries to be alive though it can't. And nowdays most of the old bands that continue recording albums are doing this. So I was kinda curious about this CD and I can say that fortunately it didn't dissapoint me.

ANIHILATED was formed back in 1981 as a Punk band called PROSPEX and during the following years they evolved into a crossover Thrash band. They recorded an EP called "Path To Destruction" in 1986 and then 2 full-length albums, "Created In Hate" (1988)and "The Ultimate Desecration" (1989), which I can say are considered pretty nice from the lovers of the genre. Now after 21 years they decide to release a new album called "Scorched Earth Policy". Let's see...

Generally I can say that this album is a notable comeback...Great songs that retain the old-school identity of the band, interesting lyrics, not to mention the aggressive moments of the album e.g. "Predator","Until The Bitter End" etc that are awesome! Each song has its own identity and this is very important. I can't say I was impressed by the artwork of the album, but it's weird that in the middle of the booklet there are pictures of the fans of the band. Probably, in this way they can show how thankful they are to their fans that have supported them.

To conclude, I enjoyed this release very much and I'm happy to see that this band has still things to offer. I can't say that this is something very special but it's surely worth checking and if you like this band you should listen to it.

7 / 10


"Scorched Earth Policy" Track-listing:
  1. Blood Of The Martyr
  2. Scorched Earth Policy
  3. Dark Eyes Of The Mind
  4. Predator
  5. The Burning Of The Southern Cross
  6. A Cruel Twist Of Fate
  7. Full Circle
  8. Despair And Retribution
  9. Death And Decay
  10. Until The Bitter End
Anihilated Lineup:

Simon E Cobb - Vocals & Bass
Mark Beuchet - Guitars
Todd Manning - Guitars
Paul Rodwell - Drums

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