Chapter 7

Anguish Force

Italy is known for producing high quality, bespoken products, from cars to fashion to architecture […]
By Mike "Bitchin" Bourgeois
October 16, 2018
Anguish Force - Chapter 7 album cover

Italy is known for producing high quality, bespoken products, from cars to fashion to architecture the passion they put into their creations results in beautiful works of art. Sometimes, though they miss the mark, and unfortunately Anguish Force's Chapter 7 falls into the latter category.Thrashing since 1995 guitarist LGD has been trying to  put together a line-up that works, but even though he has assembled a group of talented musicians, they haven't seemed to gel into a cohesive and tight unit necessary to produce good thrash metal. From the opening instrumental 'Chapter 7" I was tormented by the lack of timing, a non-tightness so to say, that from such an old band should not be happening. The chemistry between bassist Tumbler and drummer Pemmel is none existent, as if they each learned their part well on their on, recorded it separately, but never really practiced it together. Check out the opening to track 6, "Under the Streets" to get an idea of what I mean.

The biggest problem I'm having in trying to review this CD is describing the vocals of Kinnall, if you'd call them that. Heavily accented, often emphasizing the wrong syllable which ruined the flow of rhythm. I wonder if they'd have been better served allowing him to sing in his native Italian. It might have solved his other problem, a sense of forced emotion. His range was lacking and that in itself was distracting. Luck AZ was locked tight with his partner LGD on guitars, but not enough to save this recording. Overall, I was disappointed. A band with this amount of experience should be tighter and sound less like they're struggling to play together as a single unit. I do have to admit though, their sound quality is spot on. Bass and guitar tone are near perfect and the drum sound has just the right amount of touch up. In the end though, Anguish Force proved with this album that talented people do not mean you'll end up with a good product.

5 / 10









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"Chapter 7" Track-listing:

1. Chapter 7
2. Karma's Revenge
3. Don't Lose the War
4. The Other 11 September
5. Planned Earthquake
6. Under the Streets
7. Waiting for the Call
8. The Punishment
9. The Book of the Devil
10.So it Was
11.Thunder in the Thundra (THOR cover)

Anguish Force Lineup:

Kinnall - Vocals
LGD - Guitars
Luck AZ - Guitars
Tumbler - Bass
Pemmel - Drums

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