Trail Of The Perished

Anger Machine

ANGER MACHINE are a Thrash Metal band from the Netherlands formed in 2015. This is […]
By Ross Donald
August 7, 2019
Anger Machine - Trail Of The Perished album cover

ANGER MACHINE are a Thrash Metal band from the Netherlands formed in 2015. This is the band's first full length release and follows their well-received debut EP "Unbreakable" from 2016.

The album kicks off with "Disconnected", a frantic opening track to give you an idea of what the band is all about. I'm liking the production already as the vocals are level with the instruments and makes for a more pleasant listening experience especially with modern Hardcore driven vocals and ripping riffs aplenty. I like the theme of the song as well as the band are trying to tell us all away from our phones and TVs so that we're not disconnected from what's really happening in reality. Great opening track and that solo towards the end was just gorgeous.

"Conquer All" and the title track keep the crushing solos and headbanging riffs coming as the tracks "Created to Corrupt" and "Loss of Solace" introduce us to some awesome dueling guitar solos and just fun tracks overall. "Down" ends up being one of the heavier tracks as we slow things down a bit in what turns out to be a bit of a nod to PANTERA in places. I like the chorus with the instruments just stopping and the vocals keep roaring along. Best of the longer tracks and the best track since the opener.

It's here that things start to go a little south as "Vanquishers" and "Red" don't do too much to stand out from the rest of the pack and when the latter is the longest track on the album that's a bit of a problem. Thankfully the last two tracks make up for it by being the two shortest tracks on the album and go pretty much full Speed Metal to bring the album to a pretty glorious end. The band should definitely stick to the shorter tracks.

Overall I would say that this is a pretty good album that does have its flaws. Most songs have a similar sound and kind of bleed together, making it harder to come out with as many memorable tracks. Aside from "Down" the shorter songs were always better than the longer songs so hopefully the band learns from this. Still it's a good time and doesn't ever feel like a drag so I can give it a recommendation.

7 / 10









"Trail Of The Perished" Track-listing:

1. Disconnected
2. Conquer All
3. Trail of the Perished
4. Created to Corrupt
5. Loss of Solace
6. Down
7. Vanquishers
8. Red
9. The Abominable
10. Bittersweet

Anger Machine Lineup:

Remus Stingaciu - Vocals
Thijmen den Hartigh - Rhythm & Lead Guitar & Backing
Martijn de Jong - Rhythm Guitar
Corné Bos - Drums
Merijn Kloosterman - Bass

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