Orchestrionic Abortion

Angelic Desolation

ANGELIC DESOLATION is a death metal quartet from Denver Colorado. Formed in the mid 2000's, […]
By Ricardo Casagrande
April 19, 2023
Angelic Desolation - Orchestrionic Abortion album cover

ANGELIC DESOLATION is a death metal quartet from Denver Colorado. Formed in the mid 2000's, they describe their music as "Razorgrind" and take lyrical inspiration in anything from the comical, to the downright hateful and brutal side of things. They released three EP's from 2009 to 2014 with the latter titled Evilgasm gathering the most notoriety. The band returned in 2018 with their first full length album Rumpus Time is Over under the label VIA NOCTURNA. Another EP followed up in 2020, a four track release titled Quorum of Unspeakable Curses. Now we enter 2021 and with what one can assume factors like boredom, pissed off and just having a lot of time on your hands, enabled the commentary reissue album Progressively Drunker Commentary Dual was born. This is basically, though I am not sure if it is every member involved or just two, which would make sense for the dual aspect, drunken banter back and forth over their previously released songs. They talk about how the song came about musically and lyrically, along with just random shit popping into their minds at the time. The end game to it, pure entertainment.

Now in 2023 we have their latest release and "Brutus McMucus" opens the album up with technicality and melodic guitars. The drums are a pounding force behind the thrash metal opener. More nonsense to open "Shake the Baby" in which the title says it all. Seems like the vocals are put together to get a response from people, but it's not the early 90's anymore and no one really gives a shit. The music is what it is, fast paced tempo on the rhythm and pretty solid guitar work. "Pterodactyl Mann" is a top track on the release for me. Guitar is on point and embodies a crunchy tone as the music slows to a crawl before the bass takes over with some melody of its own. "Dic Tater" has one simple goal in life, anything that is not a potato, must die.
The music is similar to a CRYPTOPSY or SUFFOCATION, brutal death metal that is mixed with touches of melody and crafty guitar techniques.

The lyrics are great from one song to another on the release, but it doesn't overshadow the music. From a man who creates a new marvel character, to a taco truck owner who sold his soul to satan, the songs would not be much without the solid effort surrounding it. "Barbaric Destroyer" is another track that is drenched in metal riffs and neck breaking tempo that should please most death metal fans out there. Not your traditional song structures, as they don't always come around to the next verse or fall in line with the chorus, giving the music a sense of unpredictability. It is a solid release from the band, but for me I think that once through is good enough for me personally.

7 / 10









"Orchestrionic Abortion" Track-listing:

1. Brutus McMucus
2. Shake the baby
3. Pterodactyl Mann
4. Dic Tater
5. Paco's Satanic Taco Truck
6. Barbaric Destroyer
7. AIDS Chimp Lab Attack
8. Forced Gender Reassignment

Angelic Desolation Lineup:

Jay - Vocals
Matt - Guitars
Leonard White - Bass
Maxwell - Drums

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