Don't Wanna Run


When listening to music there's a fundamental truth that rules all. What's that? That you've […]
By Orpheus Spiliotopoulos
April 4, 2005
Angel - Don't Wanna Run album cover

When listening to music there's a fundamental truth that rules all. What's that? That you've got good music and you've got bad music. That you've got good musicians and bad musicians. And to be more specific: you've got good vocalists and bad ones, regardless to gender. I must admit that Rock & Metal - especially all the Metal genres - are mainly male dominated as far as singing goes. Not that there are just two or three female singers around, it's just that the actual figures of men holding a microphone and (either barking or) singing are overwhelmingly...massive. Nevertheless the actual percentage of women deserving a kick in the ass for abusing what we call music is minimal - almost doesn't exist - compared to that of the men. Helena Michaelsen is among the ladies who's vocal abilities I deeply respect. And on with the review...
Beautiful looking Helena Iren Michaelsen fills our ears with beautiful vocal lines from the snowy (in the winter at least) country of Norway. She's been the singer for Norwegian Goth metallers Trail Of Tears' first two albums (Disclosure Of Red - 1998, Profundemonium - 2000) but then departed and joined After Forever guitarist Mark Jansen, ex-Cassiopeia guitarist Ad Sluijter and keyboard player Coen Janssen, Gurthang and Axamenta bassist Yves Huts (a.k.a. 'Enuresor') and drummer Iwan Hendrikx of M-90's, Silent Edge and Exivious. They all formed the venturous act Sahara Dust which would later be renamed into Epica and gain immediate commercial success. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you believe in destiny) Helena left the band a year later and...In 2003 joined God Dethroned's pairing of guitarist Henri Sattler and drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek in a new force entitled Imperia. In 2004 Imperia released their debut album entitled The Ancient Dance Of Qetesh through the Ebony Tears label while in the meantime Helena also covered Dead Can Dance's The Lotus Eaters for a tribute album released by the Greek Black Lotus Records (click here to read this amazing tribute album's review).  In October 2004 Helena would see to her solo ambitions in the form of Angel which signed her a deal with Black Lotus Records. Shortly after, the promotional single Don't Wanna Run was recorded (in December) and well my friends, here it is!
First thing I should mention is that this single is not going to hit the stores but it'll only be available through the band's website and the record label's website (links on the top of this page). Why, I don't know. All I can say is...this single's worth purchasing even if that meant traveling to some grocery store in Tibet. Well, ok...maybe not that far but it's surely worth the money, especially if you have no clue as to what Miss Helena is all about (singing-wise).
4 tracks, lyrically written by her emotionally driven hand, something that became quite obvious to me during the track I really came to listen over and over again...Mother. In this song I was shocked by the sorrow, the feeling her voice emitted as if (well I wouldn't know) she sang for her own mother. A really sad song, that'll get you down to the land of depression but it's got a certain beauty inside it you'll definitely appreciate. I liked this song from the very first time I heard it. In Heaven you can hear an even wider span of her vocal abilities as Helena displays amazing soprano capabilities. Darkness is a bit creepy at start (especially if you're reviewing the album at 6 am) and at the end it um... has this sound that reminded me of that repulsive noise the ghosts made in the movie The Grudge - or maybe it's just my idea - but nevertheless was an enjoying song in terms of something unusual (in her singing too).
If this is just a taste of Helena Michaelsen's upcoming release then I'll definitely be waiting to review the full length album! Great voice!
P.S. Just a note...Singles go up online as unrated.

"Don't Wanna Run" Track-listing:

Don't Wanna Run (special single-edit version)
Mother (acoustic version)

Angel Lineup:

Helena Iren Michaelsen - All Vocals
Jan Yrlund - Guitars
John Stam - Guitars
Gerry Versteken - Bass
Steve Wolz - Drums
Audun Gronnestad - Orchestra

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