Maybe I am old fashioned, or let's just face it, I can be most of […]
October 26, 2018
Ancst - Abolitionist album cover

Maybe I am old fashioned, or let's just face it, I can be most of the times, there are elements within the modernity of Metal music that I have yet to experience in full. The merger of contemporary Black Metal and nowadays Hardcore has been alien to me, probably a tune here and there but nothing really substantial. I wanted to challenge myself with something new and I got this here EP by a German band called ANCST. Never I imagined that it would be that of an interesting listening session. Damn, it is good to be curious.

So what did I have on the newly materializing "Abolitionist" EP? A morbid blast to the face, a sheer blackened brutality with the Hardcore features as if were added fuel to create a wildfire. ANCST are certainly proving themselves to be a band that doesn't stop for anything, they simply just fire away everything they have to offer, which is quite a lot. Let's just say that they aren't short of musicianship expertise, and to say otherwise would be a critical error.

ANCST are displaying versatile technical playing styles, knowing pretty well how to demonstrate melodic driven Black Metal tempo and cold atmosphere while absorbing the soul with the red burning hot Hardcore electrical shrapnels, distributing a massive decisive riffery. To be honest, I liked their approach to Black Metal way better than their Hardcore aspects, fan or not, it just sounds great, and though Hardcore, on its modern form, has its fine edges, the newer version of Black Metal is no less than mystifying. On the other hand, the leader of the flock's vocal pattern is unavoidable, pure Hardcore born and bred material, somewhat predictable but in good quality.

The first two tracks, "Vicious Cycle" and "Self-Cleansing", were the first, and practically last, to truly capture my attention. The former being a cage rattling speeding demon, showing off the band's brutal essence that delivers not mainly chugs or a bleeding fist, but something deeper. The latter, felt loosened up, mainly due to its Hardcore / Punk main elements that caught center attention, added by an impressive technical showcase that is a true mind blower. For yours truly, the best tune of the EP. Also would be good to mention "Fallen Archetype" and the CD only tune "Call Of The Endless Road".

There is a kind of uniqueness within ANCST's music, since it has yet to be overboard as the early Metal subgenres, give it some time and it will be. I think it is a fortune to review such a release as "Abolitionist", it suits first timers well in order for them to give a chance to other albums of a same direction