Ancient VVisdom

It feels unfair to pigeon-hole ANCIENT VVISOM as a Metal band. Sure, their music is […]
By Jacob Dawson
January 28, 2015
Ancient VVisdom - Sacrificial album cover

It feels unfair to pigeon-hole ANCIENT VVISOM as a Metal band. Sure, their music is Heavy, and sure they consistently use repetitive riffs to get their point across, but they also are fans of clean vocals and slow, methodical Rock. Describing themselves as "Death Rock", it's clear that even they don't want to commit to a single genre of music and would prefer to simply let their creative juices flow, and worry about the name tagging later.

Every single track of "Sacrificial" follows the same formula; a catchy intro, followed by a catchy riff, leading into a catchy, melodic chorus and ended by a catchy outro. This sounds like a criticism but it isn't; every song is accessible and easy to sing along to very quickly. The main danger that could arise from this formula is that each song may become repetitive if dragged out too long, however this is not allowed to happen as the band have put a fairly short cap on song length, with the longest one clocking in at just over five minutes, and that's by quite a long way.

One thing that feels important to mention is how reminiscent some of the tracks are to parts of others. The intro to "Rise Of An Ancient Evil" brings to mind the Dave Grohl-led collaboration "From Can To Can't", the acoustic riff found in "Blind Leading The Blind", while catchy, is almost identical to the intro of JOHNNY CASH's "Hurt", and the bassy intro of "I Am Your Sacrifice" seems to be heavily influenced by PANTERA's "Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills". Once again this is not necessarily a criticism as this is inevitably partially due to my imagination, but it is interesting that particular songs are brought to mind so vividly by certain parts of this release, more so than any other I have reviewed thus far.

The song that sums up the album best is perhaps "The Devil's Work"; it's a simple song that can be memorized and played back in your mind as soon as it's finished, with yet another catchy riff and soaring chorus. I found myself humming along to it halfway through, without even realizing I was enjoying it.

This is an easy album to recommend to open-minded fans of Metal in general, as well as Hard Rock enthusiasts. Come to it expecting to be entertained, but not blown away, and you'll have a whale of a time. Do the opposite and you'll be let down.

8 / 10


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"Sacrificial" Track-listing:

1: Rise Of An Ancient Evil
2: Chaos Will Reign
3: Blood Offering
4: The Devil's Work
5: Blind Leading The Blind
6: Worm Ridden Skull
7: Sacrifice
8: City Of Stone
9: We Are Damnation
10: Higher Into The Black Flames

Ancient VVisdom Lineup:

Nathan Opposition - Vocals
Michael Jochum - Guitars
Mitch Keith Morris - Drums

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