Behind the Night Horizon

Ancestral Lore

"Behind The Night Horizon" was released in 2019 by Christopher Florian under the band name […]
By Cullen Balbridge
June 18, 2019

"Behind The Night Horizon" was released in 2019 by Christopher Florian under the band name ANCESTRAL LORE. Florian hail from France and also plays all the instruments on this album that would lead one to think he is a very talented musician, I guess we're about to find out. "Enter The Bastion" starts the release off, it is an ominous instrumental with cool Keyboard work. "Behind The Night Horizon" displays solid keyboards with some cool guitar work, the vocals are deep and snarling, I really can't get into at all but the guy is talented. "The Monster Slayer" was listed on my music player as "Against The Warlocks" I'm not sure what the deal is but with a little investigation, I figured out the song is the same and this is the most entertaining thing about this release to me, as of right now, I am of hopes for something different on the next song but thinking nope.

"On The Wave To Eternity" comes in with nice mellow acoustics that basically enhances the keyboards almost all of the song but there is some electric guitar incorporated as well, the vocals are about the same as previous songs. "Walking In The Mist" has the acoustic and keyboards intertwined once again with the electric guitar eventually fusing in, the song has dark luring voice overs in a few spots early on in the song, with the vocals giving a slight hint of change in this song. "Sphere From The Blackwing" leads out with a cool electric guitar for a change, showing off Florian's ability at the instrument, excellent show of talent. "The Bard Tells You A Secret" has sloppy acoustic guitar inflicted to it but may be placed as so on purpose considering this release is full of great guitar playing.

This release is not my forte, It seems that the vocals are missing something but it does have some cool guitar licks, and yes the guy is very talented without a doubt but the album might be better if he hired a singer and he focused on the musical aspect of things.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Behind the Night Horizon" Track-listing:

1. Enter the Bastion
2. Behind the Night Horizon
3. The Monster Slayer
4. On the Wave to Eternity
5. Walking in the Mist
6. Sphere from the Blackwing
7. The Bard Tells You a Secret

Ancestral Lore Lineup:

Christopher Florian - All Instruments

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