Years after their last release ,ANATHEMA make a come back with their semi acoustic album […]
By Eirini Papadopoulou
December 30, 2008
Anathema - Hindsight album cover

Years after their last release ,ANATHEMA make a come back with their semi acoustic album Hindsight. The album is a very nice recording with much more organic feel, consisted of nine older songs and one new. ANATHEMA in this album give an honest and intimate performance. There is some electric guitar and bass at times along with piano and cello which create an artful ensemble. The album starts with the band's most known song Fragile Dreams, taking us back to the times of the Alternative 4 album but much more differentiated not only in terms of the acoustic sound itself - as the melodic lines and almost everything hasn't changed - but in terms of the maturity and the different angle this song has now taken speaking interpretation-wise. After that comes Leave No Trace, another wonderful song from their album A Fine Day to Exit. The next songs, Inner Silence and One Last Goodbye, derive the poetic and dramatic feeling that ANATHEMA tries to communicate in this album. Then comes Are You There, with the acoustic guitar making the whole song more folk-like, and Angelica which is really close to the original version. As an ANATHEMA fan would have expected A Natural Disaster sounds pretty similar to the first version as it is gentle and acoustic with nothing but a few changes.Temporary Peace as well as Flying follow the same pattern while the last has an ethnic taste derived by the way lead guitars are played. Last but not least comes their new song, Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected), which will be included in their forthcoming album Horizons. This new song is wonderful. Drama, poetry and beautiful melodies all binded to an elegant whole.
Hindsight is not another release of the band considered as their moneymaker but a collection of the favorite ANATHEMA songs taken to a new dimension as the band has matured and see these songs from an acoustic point of view as they did with their previous release A Natural Disaster, being capable to bring out the very essence and outline with elegance and a different standpoint. So this means that Hindsight is a must have for the devoted ANATHEMA fans as well as for lovers of the acoustic sound.

7 / 10


"Hindsight" Track-listing:

Fragile Dreams
Leave No Trace
Inner Silence
One Last Goodbye
Are You There?
A Natural Disaster
Temporary Peace
Unchained (Tales Of The Unexpected)

Anathema Lineup:

Vincent Cavanagh - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Daniel Cavanagh - Lead Guitar  
Jamie Cavanagh - Bass
Les Smith - Keyboard
John Douglas - Drums  
Lee Douglas - Vocals

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