Mind of a Serial Killer

Anal Fissure

If the gory cover art supports the idea of a mutant creature snuff film drawn […]
By Charlotte ''Downright Destructive'' Lamontagne
January 17, 2016
Anal Fissure - Mind of a Serial Killer album cover

If the gory cover art supports the idea of a mutant creature snuff film drawn in detailed vulgarity, the titles to the tracks also highlight the mindset of torture, filth and great parental disappointment. Largely influenced by renown acts of the Death Metal realm such as DYING FETUS and DEHUMANIZED, ANAL FISSURE opt for the same universe of technicality and insane brutality with their latest ''Mind of a Serial Killer''. Shredding in the town of Cavite, Philippines, the quartet sinks into an intense culture and embraces its creativity in terms of inaccessible and extreme themes sure to satisfy the thirst of underground worshippers.

For opener, several unpleasant female cries trace the images of a rape scene, as a man sadistically laughs and raises many questions on the morals of the quartet. The weighing riff falls into place, slower and heavier than expected. Chunky in tone, massive in rhythm, the feeling to it guides your head up and down in total spontaneity. The music is driven, every track is fueled with a savage energy and the captivating riffs result in multiple tempo changes and variations, from technical and rapid to simple-structured. The overall feeling is natural and well assumed, far from forced or processed; the music and its essence is rather authentic, expressed with a seducing sincerity.

While the structure is cut down into diverse approaches, many different experiences are expressed for the listener to grasp and interpret within the same track. These shifts give a general credibility to the music but, when put as a whole record and listened to from start to finish, reflect no considerable change or variation overall. From a song to another, no true innovation or major contrast is built. The album culminates toward the boring phenomenon of repeated effects and ideas, creating a hardly discernible sound where overall differences are barely seized. Emotions stagnate, as the general low, brutal tone translates into a used up concept over the entire piece. This said, the instrumentals strive to deliver complex partitions and add up to the satisfying sense the album still emanates. The low, strange and hardly understandable pig squealed growls seem heavily influenced by the Grindcore movement, as the twitching and tortured guitar screams with distortion and ferocity. Contrary to all Metal bands who stir in the mandatory ripping solo, ANAL FISSURE can pull off the very absence of it quite well and dare to exclude them from their tracks. Note the massive sound the strings hold: these kind of elements propel the band into the brutal realm and label them as metal as they come, despite not relying on the sharp wailings of a solo. The mixtures of occasional liquid bass slides give a bouncy touch to the impending and fatal break downs, establishing a genuine roundness to the jerky sound and creating a well finished feel to the tunes. In overall analysis, the main leads to the formation's music are the foundations of rolling and crushing drums, orchestrating and ruling the entire music into a precise direction. Solid and sharp, they bleed an impressive signature of contrast: from rapid to slow, they manage a relentless pounding, tightly wrapped into tremendous technique.

From 2007 up to this day, the Philippians have worked quite hard at developing a fine Brutal Death Metal for the public to feast on. With their newly released ''Mind of a Serial Killer'', the quartet offers a quality product of thorough work, talent and brains. Vicious, menacing, poisonous and with a twist of delirious, the listener enters the mind of a psychopath and experiences a universe of fallen morals and atrocious thoughts. Brutally armed with a collapsing heaviness and a destructive essence, the album strikes as well engineered and finished, but surely predicts a fatal ending to anything you have ever come to know and love.

8 / 10


"Mind of a Serial Killer" Track-listing:

1. Sodomy Fundamentals
2. Swarming Vile
3. Crack Epidemic
4. Gorging on Rotten Flesh
5. Brute Crusade
6. Gluttonous Scavenger
7. Induced from Abnormality
8. Deviant Disembodiment
9. Multiple Murder
10. Rectal Bludgeoning

Anal Fissure Lineup:

Untz - Vocals
AC - Guitars
G-boy - Bass
Myke - Drums

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