The Great Escape

An Ocean Of Void

What's up, Atmospheric/Progressive Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on […]
January 18, 2016
An Ocean Of Void - The Great Escape album cover

What's up, Atmospheric/Progressive Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this French quintet's new album: AN OCEAN OF VOID on "The Great Escape". As I research this band; I approach with caution as I press play...solely because of the word "Progressive" but I'm going in with an open mind, hoping AN OCEAN OF VOID will change my mind about the entity that is - Progressive Metal.

As I begin: "Diving In The Deepest Sea", which is nothing more then an atmospheric introduction to get you in the mood that will set the tone for the rest of the album. "Enigma" is where that feeling of atmosphere comes in; while also perfecting the Progressive side very well. Now, when I listen to most Prog bands; they just feel mostly, just messy most of the time which can turn me off, depending if it sounds good, which AN OCEAN OF VOID seem to keep that consistency and decency in check, while allowing you to feel good and brutal at the same time. I'm honestly surprised.

"Silent Storm" reminds me of this band's inner Doom Metal a lot. It's undeniable that there is at least a hint of Doom Metal within this band. The sound production is cutting edge at its finest and sounds superbly brilliant. I especially love the riffs around the 1:50 mark of this track. This is absolutely fantastic headbanging material. That said about Doom Metal, it's evident to me that the essence of this opinion is clear as Floran Guillou performs some exceptional growling material suited for Doom Metal. Now, it's not all Doom Metal. Progressive fans are probably thinking what am I on about? Well fear not, as "Resonance" is a song that has compelling, Progressive material. To me, it actually sounds good; no messy sounds, just brutal precision. This is what I expect, making you feel atmospherically engaged as well as listening to some unheard of material in all realms of Metal.  Julien Lesseur and Benoît Lamote continue to impress me with their hard-hitting riff patterns - blowing me away with the added power of Jean-Luc Marro on bass and Pierre Delmas pounding his drums make this a more exciting album; with this song still playing, the Doom Metal image I have still continues to inspire me.

Honestly, I'm shocked that I actually like a Progressive band/album as most bands I've reviewed in this category didn't really do it for me (i.e., MASTODON, ANIMALS AS LEADERS) and so on... (but I'm hoping in time, maybe they will) But AN OCEAN OF VOID have outdone themselves to make me jam to something new as music is what I live for. Continuing this surprising greatness; "Behind Red Clouds" features somewhat more of a toned down scale but it is comfortably a great listen keeping that inner brutality that is Doom Metal, while keeping the upbeat Metal to get you going; with a hint of Thrash Metal at the end, and then the titular track: "An Ocean Of Void" divided into two parts while part 1 is mostly just a introductory  track of some sorts (but so is part 2 but more of an ending in this case) as it's so short compared to the rest - but it is also atmospheric as Hell with some noteworthy riffs. Going into "A Faded Light" which yet again, allows me to bring up Doom Metal, that guitar tone at the beginning makes this statement evident here but also featuring the combined fusion of the world of Progressive Metal; makes for a nice combination! Part 2 of the titular track then commences; blowing me away yet again with some fabulous but atmospherically, epic motives and progressively doom-y elements, these end the album in glorious fashion. "The Great Escape" is nothing short of spectacular and while the messiness (in my opinion) that is - Progressive Metal, AN OCEAN OF VOID have inspired me to change that opinion.

AN OCEAN OF VOID should get more notice; a band of this magnitude deserves it. I honestly didn't think I'd like this band but from what I listened to, hell, never say never. If you love all things Metal, do not pass this band up. They are most definitely worth your time, especially if you fancy a change from your natural: "I'll just listen to my favorite band again, now." Shenanigans.

8 / 10


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"The Great Escape" Track-listing:

1. Diving In The Deepest Sea
2. Enigma
3. Silent Storm
4. Resonance
5. Behind Red Clouds
6. An Ocean Of Void, Part I
7. A Faded Light
8. An Ocean Of Void, Part II

An Ocean Of Void Lineup:

Floran Guillou - Vocals
Julien Lesseur - Guitars/Keys
Benoît Lamote - Guitars/Keys
Jean-Luc Marro - Bass
Pierre Delmas - Drums

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