An Autumn for Crippled Children

AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPED CHILDREN is a Post Black Metal/Shoegaze band hailing from The Netherlands. […]
An Autumn for Crippled Children - Closure album cover

AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPED CHILDREN is a Post Black Metal/Shoegaze band hailing from The Netherlands. Since formation in 2009, the band have been very prolific songwriters, releasing  nine full-length albums. "Closure" is their tenth, and contains ten songs. "Missed" is the first. Warm tones come in the opening, although they are somewhat melancholy. The vocals are horrid screams, but that snappy melody remains throughout the song. It is quite charming as well. "I See You...But Never Clearly" has a slower and more depressing sound, and you can feel the laments in the music, as well as the Post Metal sound.

"Where Pain Begins" has a rousing and hastier sound, fueled by harsh vocal screams, and some pretty guitar melodies. The band is quite adept at combining elements of hope and despair in equal doses. "This Feels Like Dying" is much more emotionally driven. As the title suggests, you can feel the struggle in both the music and the vocals. The rich layers that are added in the guitar work are fantastic. "Closure" has some very splendid tones. That simple melody is just so catchy that you can't help but hum along with it. The lead guitar soars to heights unimagined. "For Tomorrow" has steadier grey skies that flash between spells of heavy rain and sunshine. Again, the balance that the band employs with these two things is what makes the album so good.

"Unable to Feel You" has a slower lament, and if you can't feel the pain, you might be dead. It's a combination of lead guitar notes and keyboards that carry this heavy burden. "Culpable" is a legal term that basically equates to "responsible." Lush keyboards create a thick and rich sound, that makes your heart ache. Listen to the pain in the vocals. "Here Comes Sorrow" closes the album. Oddly enough, I hear more angry tones than sorrowful ones. Overall, this was a fantastic album with a lot going for it. Their combination of thick Black Metal with wondrous melodies just works, and it works very well. Perhaps the best part of the album is that delicate balance that the band rests on between these competing elements. The album made me feel energized in that regard.

8 / 10









"Closure" Track-listing:

1. Missed
2. I See You...But Never Clearly
3. Where Pain Begins
4. The Feels like Dying
5. As the Void
6. Closure
7. For Tomorrow
8. Unable to Feel You
9. Culpable
10. Here Comes Sorrow

An Autumn for Crippled Children Lineup:

TXT - Bass, Keyboards
CXC - Drums
MXM - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

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