Dissect, Molest, Ingest


Admittedly, I am not a frequent listener (in fact, I can't stand a lot of […]
By Daniel Fox
March 24, 2014
Amputated - Dissect

Admittedly, I am not a frequent listener (in fact, I can't stand a lot of it) of gorey, brutal Death Metal, at least not other than CARCASS. Hence, I was totally blown away to find I very much enjoyed UK goreheads AMPUTATED. Their latest release, "Dissect, Molest, Ingest" sees an improvement upon previous efforts, in my opinion, at least in the vocal department, and the music itself sounds much tighter, whilst at the same time, bashing out a technical wall of death.

This forward progression was instantly noticeable on "Gorging on Putrid Discharge", with a DEICIDE-like introduction that transitions into an incredibly well-mixed blend of aggression and heavy groove, shot up intermittently by bass and guitar licks. From time to time, the ever-necessary blast-beat-driven sections crop up, eventually permeated by a (I almost never say this) brutal breakdown. Breakdowns like that; that is how you use them, at an integral point in the song to draw in and release pent up energy, generated by the brutality of such a track. "The Local Flavour" does not relent in its steamrolling aggressiveness, only reaching higher, more crushing tempos as the song progresses. Namely, it utilizes memorable chord progressions, as opposed to forgoing thoughtful structure and arbitrarily hammering out the fret board.

"Psycotropic Suicide" has to be my favorite track, initiated by an eerie and terrifying voice over that breaks out into an inhumanly-fast blast-beat section, which is then dragged down by a series of migraine-inducing chugs, permeated by the necessity of squealing harmonics. The bass cuts through with the power of planet-cracking mining equipment. The title track displays ferociously technical and creative arrangements below an intense, dualistic vocal delivery, and does well to incorporate neck-snapping grooves, ending with one of the heaviest outros I have ever heard.

The band truly surprised me with this new release. Has it opened me to yet another gateway of Metal? Perhaps not, but I certainly feel an uncharacteristic liking of this band coming on.

8 / 10


"Dissect, Molest, Ingest" Track-listing:

1. Body of Work
2. Gorging on Putrid Discharge
3. The Local Flavour
4. Infanticidal Dysmorphia
5. Skullfuck Lobotomy
6. Psycotropic Suicide
7. When Whores Meet Saws
8. Subatomic Insemination
9. Six Feet Deep
10. Disect Molest Ingest
11. Toolbox Abortionist

Amputated Lineup:

Mark Gleed - Vocals
Daryl Barrett-Cross - Guitars
Kai Cursons - Corpse Bothering
Harry Jewell - Bass
Gareth Arlett - Drums

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