Phantom Sounds


"Phantom Sounds" is an album that got me filled with emotions by the amazing guitarist […]
By Sarah Chebaro
June 6, 2022
Amoriello - Phantom Sounds album cover

"Phantom Sounds" is an album that got me filled with emotions by the amazing guitarist and lyricist AMORIELLO, coming from Philadelphia. That's right, it's a one-person show. Thomas is a legend that brings classic heavy metal to the top of what great music sounds like. "Phantom Sounds" is the second full album that is a follow-up of the first album "Amoriello". Now let's get to the fun part the music.

"Villian" the first track on this gorgeous track sounds like DIO. Tt blew my old-school metal heart away. What makes this song amazing is the vocalist Herbie Langhans, who was part of AVANTASIA. "Villian" has the perfect memorable guitar riffs. "Unruly King" starts off with a crowd of people cheering and then a sharp blade of a guillotine coming down. We all know what that means. It takes me back to the times when people were hung or had their heads chopped off. Not the prettiest sight. A powerful guitar chord comes in and takes the song on a joyful ride. This song has a bit of speed metal in it, which makes it even more of a headbanging tune.

"Medieval Warrior" has a bit of a demonic sound to it mixed with a calming ballad. I can hear the song playing in The Witcher. The powerful guitar solo that hits around 3:34 with drums galloping just after it gives the song the perfect edge. "Witching hour Blues" is the perfect mix of metal with a drop of blues. This is my favorite track on this album. I am a sucker for blues, tap in that metal tune, and voila the perfect masterpiece of a song. The song starts off with drums that sound like a clock is ticking with the cymbal lightly being touched. The best part is the guitar with that known blues tune making one close their eyes and feel like the whole song.

There are two beautiful instrumental tracks on this album "Funhouse Opus 13" and "Candelabra". "Funhouse Opus 13" has a video game feel to it. Like a big boss at the end of a level and the harder, it gets the faster the song goes. You can really hear Thomas shredding his guitar solos. "Candelabra" really surprised me. It starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar and an angelic voice. It brings this eerie vibe at the same time. Might sound a bit creepy but it's like taking a walk through a cemetery and you can feel all the souls that have passed on to the other side. This song really stands out in the album and is the perfect end track.

Honestly, I have never heard of AMORIELLO until now and this man has gained an extra fan. I love everything about the music its emotional, and powerful. The best part is classic metal. It puts a smile on my face to hear so much influence from BLACK SABBATH and DEEP PURPLE. AMORIELLO thank you for this amazing music and I am really looking forward to your next album.

10 / 10









"Phantom Sounds" Track-listing:

1. Villain
2. Unruly King
3. Medieval Warrior
4. Haunted
5. Funhouse Opus 13
6. Witching Hour Blues
7. Mach Five
8. Candelabra

Amoriello Lineup:

Thomas Amoriello - Guitars

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