Among Vultures

Among Vultures

From the great land of Switzerland comes the band AMONG VULTURES and their self titled […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
May 5, 2019
Among Vultures - Among Vultures album cover

From the great land of Switzerland comes the band AMONG VULTURES and their self titled album "Among Vultures". This is one album I was really excited to receive to review. I really don't know how to place them in a genre other than Blackened Death Metal meets Deathcore. This band throws the fuck down! The Guitarists Emmanuel Frossard and Edmond Parizot are absolutely insane at what they do. The Bassist Nicolas Maggio and Drummer Bertrand Monney excel at their jobs. Cédric Bugnon the Vocalist is an absolute beast!

We begin this journey with "Coffin of the Universe". This song is how you start an album. Solid riffs, intense drums and in your face vocals. These guys know exactly how to brutalize your ear drums in the best way. The song "Sink" blends in perfectly with the previous track and doesn't let up on the intensity. The line "RELEASE THE KRAKEN, FROM THE OCEANS DEPTHS!" was fucking brilliant as is the line "TAKE THEM TO THE ABYSS!" "Fake Holy News" comes on and it doesn't let up at all. This is one song I will definitely be keeping on a playlist. It's one of those songs that make you want to just jump up and start throwing down.

"Chaos and Hope" is a little toned down from the last song but not by much. I can't believe this is the first I have heard of this band. They sound like seasoned veterans to me. "Buried Alive" is one of the most well written songs I have had the chance to listen to in quite some time. Everything about this track is perfect. "Madness and Shame" sounds a little different from what I have heard so far but the song is still really great. So far this album is fucking amazing.

"Wings of Despair" starts off with a really weird noise in the background, it almost sounded like someone hitting a bong, but then it kicks in with some really powerful vocals. This song is a lot darker than it's predecessors while keeping the same energy. "The Bird" brings back the intensity that we started with and they managed to keep everything fresh. They almost remind me of REVOCATION on this track. "Cold Wrath" is Deathcore at it's purest core. I absolutely fell in love with this song within the first few seconds. I think this one will end up being a fan favorite. The breakdown is excellent, I just wanted this song to keep going honestly. "No Freedom" is a pretty damn good song. It has the intensity while having a melodic feel to it.

The final song on the album "Among Vultures" starts off with a sense of brooding and darkness. It builds up and eventually breaks into some really aggressive music. This song has a lot of passion behind it and it really shows. I think this band will eventually be going on world tours. They are one of the best bands I have heard all year. I think that with time they will be one of the bigger bands around. Great job guys, keep up the phenomenal work!

10 / 10









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"Among Vultures" Track-listing:

1. Coffin of the Universe
2. Sink
3. Fake Holy News
4. Chaos and Hope
5. Buried Alive
6. Madness and Shame
7. Wings of Despair
8. The Bird
9. Cold Wrath
10. No Freedom
11. Among Vultures

Among Vultures Lineup:

Bertrand Monney - Drums
Cédric Bugnon - Vocals
Edmond Parizot - Guitars
Nicolas Maggio - Bass
Emmanuel Frossard - Guitars

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