Striking back from a demo, the Piraeus Post-Metal band, AMNIAC released their first debut album, […]
By Isha Shah
February 17, 2015
Amniac - Infinite album cover

Striking back from a demo, the Piraeus Post-Metal band, AMNIAC released their first debut album, "Infinite", exceeding the expectations we all gathered. Blending together Slug Metal sounds similar to ISIS and GOJIRA, the band have adapted post- dated tones to make their album as solid as it is. Their first impression intensifies your senses leaving you with sonic riffs and a mind-blowing journey.

Their opening track "And The Others Just Survive" slowly eases you into their melodic taste before the harsh vocals are bashed in alongside the beating drums. Within just one track the quartet have managed to capture a wide range of emotions within the musical range. The overflowing melodies and gritty riffs found within this track are clench griping, and jaw crunching as it gradually unfolds its self.

Holding onto their high melodic intros, "Ignorants" similarly follows with its top toned guitar riff repeated endlessly, carries the track to a short close, acting as rest, which is commonly found within "Infinite". Not quite cutting it as a Hardcore band as such, there are clear heavier influences founding with the albums essence as angry and bitter tones are released in "Rise Like The Suns", with it's traitorous breakdowns and slugging guitar riffs, this track is sure to fill your every needs. Contrasted to "A System Waiting To Fail", which brings upon the deeper aspects of modern Metal music, this track is rigged with speedy car chasing rhythms. What really brings this track to "Rise Like The Suns" is the tone dropping bridge, that soon joins a different road and the song has completely changed yet again into an anticipated climax of a movie, which really gets your adrenaline pumping.

ANMIAC's ability to keep a hold of you without your attention wondering too far is truly engrossing, as the titled track "The Infinite" proves to shine through. Building you up for a death scene, the sweet lullaby the intro whispers soon disappears and a manic pattern is set in.

Ending on a high note, "Infinite" does contain a great sense of musical tones that are deep and dark for you to indulge to, setting it to be a strong start for the four-piece.

7 / 10


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"Infinite" Track-listing:

1. And The Others Just Survive
2. Ignorants
3. Rise Like The Suns
4. Discerning
5. The Infinite
6. A System Waiting To Fail
7. Our Kind The Plague

Amniac Lineup:

Upsetter - Guitar, Vocals
Antony - Guitar
Tsaros - Drums
Dimitri - Bass

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